Positively absolutley fantastic

A few days ago, I turned 46, and this event inspired me to think a lot about bettering myself!

So I’m on a journey hoping to find a better version of myself. Now I’m not saying I need a lot of tweaking, but I can stand to improve.

Not only did my age change a few days ago but the way I see life has changed. My goal is to be more open and genuine and spread positivity.

But here’s the thing! It is so difficult for me to be in a positive space when I deal with people that push my buttons. So after much thought and debate, I have chosen to leave broke things right where they are. I can’t fix a relationship nor come to an understanding if the other person has a higher desire to make uncredible accusations than to live in the truth.

I will leave you where I found you.

Arguing is no longer of interest to me. I want to be happy. And in order for me personally to be happy I have to be around positive energy. 

This one thing changed my perspective

My son left for college a week ago, and if you have been with me for a while, you know how painful it was for me to say, “see ya soon.” Well, apparently, I was in great company because all the other parents were struggling just as badly as we were. So a sergeant/mental health coach started all the parents on a fit journey. 

Y’all know I’m excited about this!

He put us on a spiritual/mental/physical/emotional journey, and it HAS DONE WONDERS FOR ME!

Throughout my journey, I will share tidbits with you and keep you posted on this delicious new adventure. So today, I want to share three words that you can use to turn someone’s not so good day into a better day. And saying these three words will make you feel so good. I tried it out first on my husband; his reaction was priceless. He had the biggest smile on his face, hugged me, and said, “I’m so happy to hear that; you just made me feel fantastic.”

Yay, it worked!


Let’s say you’re at the store talking to a stranger or talking to a friend, and they happen to ask you, “how are you doing today.”

And you simply respond with a smiled and say , “Positively, absolutely fantastic.”

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


38 Replies to “Positively absolutley fantastic”

  1. Oh yeah…I am positively, absolutely, fantastically, Smurfaliciously FANtabulous daggone it! Glad to see the new and improved Belladonna dropping the freaking mic and daring you to pick it up! 🎤🤣🤸🏻‍♀️💃🏽🌟🥂😎

  2. “ I can’t fix a relationship nor come to an understanding if the other person has a higher desire to make uncredible accusations than to live in the truth.” So wondefully stated. I’ve made some of these choices in the last year or two, and while they are difficult, I have ultimately found more strength and peace in letting go. Wonderful post, Belladonna.

  3. I’m so happy to see you on this journey. This reminds me of my mother who is constantly frustrated with work and can not stay calm except when she’s sleeping or laying down. I told her she should try meditation and she shot back with a ‘no need for that’. I’m so happy to see you on this journey to move forward and put your metal peace first.

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