Bella in June

Thank you all for joining me in June!

Your support means everything to me and you have given the courage to express who I am. For years I stayed away from what and who made me the way I am.

Writing has helped unleash the chains that kept me in my mind for far to long. But the past is the past and my focus is on today and there after.

We are blessed to see a new month and we have the ability to do great things. Stay safe!


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  1. Thank you for that, I have been working at.Video but it’s very little I am so surprised how game changing it is to admit the truth! If you ever care to collab. Shane would be honoured,

  2. Wow, you look amazing! And I’m so glad that writing has brought so much good to you and your life.. Everyone should have something that makes them feel safe enough to be themselves.
    You stay safe, as well, and have a wonderful Fourth of July!

      1. Any time!
        And I agree. It’s sad how difficult is to find that place, though.. I know too many who are still searching.

        Thank you! And you as well!

  3. Bella, you are a gem. Thank you for the much-needed positive message. And here’s to you and your family having an incredible July!

  4. Awww Belladonna, yes, I am in agreement with you…watch how the universe responds to our actions and attitudes! Great voice girlfriend and excellent positive messages! Thank you for the encouragement! 🤗💖😘

  5. Hello dear Belladona. You are Bella Belladonna. A poem for you.
    “My Bella, my sweetest love.
    You made the sun shine brighter,
    the days sweeter, the nights warmer.
    I love you my Bella till kind love lived no-more.”
    Hello from Michigan and I hope you and the family are enjoying the days of Summer.

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