Break My Soul….Inspired by Queen B

Breathing in the goodness and exhaling the bullshit!

Could you repeat after me and say? 




Stop the bullshit and ask yourself these two questions. 

Who am I living for, and why am I waiting to live?


I let words bring me down to a level I never thought I would rise from. My confidence was nonexistent because I wasn’t taught to have any. As a result, my thoughts, career choices, and extracurricular activities were never considered good enough.

So I grew up thinking that I was not good enough. I second-guessed everything that I did. Sometimes I would call myself stupid, lazy and proceed to compare myself to everyone. 

Because you attempted to hurt my soul

I began to break it


But guess what? God showed up and showed out. He showed me that I am exactly who I’m supposed to be, and the attempt to break me isn’t an option for no man. 

We might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fine. However, our job description in this life does not say a damn thing about making choices that will benefit others or make them feel comfortable. If anyone’s comfort depends on you being well….. not you at all and being uncomfortable in your soul, they should become good with being uncomfortable. ALWAYS CHOOSE YOU!

I know it takes time to heal from trauma, and let’s be clear, words hurt. Harsh words that fall upon bruised ears will prevent a person from having the confidence to live. They will be left to spend their entire days existing in a world that’s built on unsteady foundation. There every step will be met with uncertainty. 

But it’s up to US to destroy that rocky foundation and smooth it out so we can step into the new day with freedom. Knowing our steps will be met with certainty in an uncertain world.

Stop waiting to live

Fix your soul

Dare anyone to break you




You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


29 Replies to “Break My Soul….Inspired by Queen B”

  1. I love your words here, Bella! They’re so uplifting. This may not be a popular opinion, but Bey’s latest has not grown on me (yet). I love the message but I just can’t get into it. What makes me smile though, is how it’s making so many others happy.

    1. Thank you Tre!! I was right there with you until I sat down and listened to what she was saying. And then I got up and and danced until my back reminded me that I did warm up for all that😂
      Yes, her song is making so many people happy and we need that right now more than ever💖😍

  2. i did not ask to be born neither did you despite this fact life is a gift and what we do or do not do ours back to the creator.

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