Does the 80/20 Rule Work for Losing Weight?

Question: Should I use the 80/20 rule to lose weight?

Me: Immediately

Gym rats are fantastic, and I applaud them.. okay that’s for them.

But here’s the truth, if you want to get in great physical shape, you HAVE to eat quality foods and eat them often. Going to the gym and crushing your joints until you can’t move will waste time if your eating habits are garbage. FOOD MATTERS!

The person that applies 80/20 Rule ~VS~ Gym rat that eats like a growing teenager

  1. 80/20 person gets up in the morning and makes a healthy choice; they may work out with weights or cardio for 45-60 minutes daily. They eat three well-balanced meals, but more importantly, they drink water throughout the day. Anyone who follows this rule knows the importance of listening to their body. Therefore they will stretch and have REST DAYS.
  2. Gym rat that eats like a growing teenager; To put it bluntly, they tend to go up and down in weight, constantly chasing a number on the scale, and never take a well-balanced day off. By never being well-balanced, I mean they eat everything in their house that isn’t bolted down to the ground and then hit the gym. 

I have seen gym rats work towards losing the same 10-30 pounds for years, and they seemed to think that if they up the ante in the gym, the weight will magically disappear.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

Sit your behind down and write out a weekly plan. Set goals you want to obtain and crush them. Don’t calorie count or add points; begin to listen to your body and cross out the foods that make you feel bloated and keep you from being in good health.

80% of your reaching your goal will come from your diet, which includes but is not limited to;

  1. Eating quality foods throughout the day
  2. Drinking water throughout the day (goal is half your body weight)
  3. Stretch properly and incorporate yoga 
  4. Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep, and did I mention SLEEP!

The remaining 20% should come from exercise. Make sure your list includes which days you are doing upper body and lower body; this will prevent overtraining all areas.

The 80/20 rule can be used for a lifetime!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


16 Replies to “Does the 80/20 Rule Work for Losing Weight?”

  1. I hate two words, diet and bathroom scale…..everything you say is dead on, but, ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph….understand, body type and being comfortable with that is important too…..and yeah, an apple, not McDonalds..

    1. One of my next posts is actually on those three types. Knowing your genetics and body type is step 1 if you want to know more about you!
      Yes apple please!!!!!!! 😂🙌🏽

  2. Is there such a thing as a 50/50 rule? 50% teenager and 50% home rat instead of a gym rat? Just curious! 🏋🏽‍♀️🚴🏽‍♀️🏌🏽‍♀️ OR a 50/40/10 rule? Don’t ask! 🙄

  3. I want to reach my goal weight this year and I know eating right is my biggest struggle. I am focusing on drinking water and hoping that will start the wave of healthy decisions.

    1. Meggam keep me posted on your progress!!! Drink as close to you can gallon of water everyday, 30 minutes of weights and 10-30 minutes of any cardio. And don’t forget to sleep!!! I know you got this!!!🙌🏽😍

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