They needed a Hero

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He needed to learn how to become a man

So he taught him

She needed a coach for her basketball team

So he became one

He needed a baseball coach

So he became that too

She needed a tutor for math

So he dusted off his old textbooks

He grew quickly and left him clumsy and a little awkward

So he worked with him day after day 

She wanted to learn more about Science

So he searched until he found the best instructor

He heard a bump in the night 

So he woke up ready to fight and protect

He wanted them to have a better start than he did

So they do

He wanted them to have opportunities that he dreamed of at their age

So he made sure they did 

He wanted them to win 

So he sacrificed to no end

They needed to be raised in a better environment. 

So he went back to school in order to afford the best environment

They needed someone to walk to

So they walked to him

They needed someone to run to 

So they ran to him

They needed to know how a man should treat them

So he continuous to show them

Most of all they needed a hero

So he became one

he became one

he is one

he is one

he is one

My father’s day tribute is dedicated to my love. He continues to give us what we need and then some. So today is a celebration for fathers like you! We love you completely.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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      1. Oh yeah, his type, a good man, is hard to come by these days. Sometimes I feel so sorry for our girls nowadays. Looks like slim pickin’s! 😫😔😖

  1. I grew up in the 60s and 70s, so as the world changed, mom and dad had to navigate that while rising my sister and I….I was a handful, a hippy rebel…..but they kept picking me up and setting me back on the straight and narrow, and well, I am where I am with their help……

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