Six Word Saturday

I just wanted to take a moment and share where I think beauty can arrive from. I want us to focus deeper than the surface. When you wash off your makeup, you should still feel beautiful. And to me, beauty starts within, by being real with yourself.

Please share your six words in the comments. Thank you, and have a peacefully beautiful Saturday!

Strength, Courage, Wisdom; Ignites External Beauty


28 Replies to “Six Word Saturday”

    1. Beauty is definetly inisde all of us, but sometimes we need help briinging it out. Surrounding ourselves with upifting people brings out the best in all of us!

      I hope you have a great Mondy!

  1. Preciousness, Timelessness, Gracefulness, Comeliness, Richness, Loveliness

    Healing is really just letting yourself (feel).

    1. You nailed it with your six words!
      I have to agree with you about letting yourself feel. For so many years I didn’t think that I had the right to allow myself to feel. And when I realized that it is my right, my life began to become sweeeter. I’m healing and I’m enjoying the process.

      1. 😊🙂, oh I just loved the feeling and texture of these words, to be in the presence of elegance is such a glorious experience. Then I thought c’mon choose the apparel of stylishness. Shazam here I am 😂.
        I’m so happy that you liked my six words. They look so gorgeous.

        Yes you don’t have to hide all those stuff, I agree. In your own presence once felt, they become unbounded and free.
        We need to release them right?

      2. So true, and the universe at the right moment responds to you😍
        Thank you for replying 👐

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