5 phrases that live rent free in my brain

I absolutely hate when something annoying gets stuck in my brain, and I’m forced to deal with it.

No matter how hard I try, that thing embeds itself into my mental cavity. Then, the unthinkable happens; you are freed from such stupidity, but unfortunately, your freedom is short-lived.

Here are my five rent-free squatters;

  1. Do it for the vine… Nah, I’m not gone do it. (repeats a total of 3 times before she indeed does it for the vine).
  2. Make America Great Again (YUCK YUCK YUCK)
  3. Sorry not Sorry (followed by an annoying giggle)
  4. I am so obsessed with that (it refers to absolutely everything… thanks, Kim Kardashian, ugh)
  5. Freedom ain’t free (like duh… no shit)

Now you go! Please share one phrase, word, quote, or something you want to release, but you find it hard to do so.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


17 Replies to “5 phrases that live rent free in my brain”

  1. I pet hate at the moment is “does that make sense”? must be trendy st the moment as I have 3 people I know that say it all the time. Either that or they think I am thick. Don’t know whats worse.

  2. “YOLO” aka “You only live once.” As much as the phrase annoys me, I can’t escape it. So many folks use it, so it stays in my head. I’m really going to have to start charging it. Lol.

  3. Girl, there ain’t enough time or space to put it all down. LOL 🤣😜😂 Oh girl, the things that are squatters in our minds. It’s long overdue to kick those bitches out permanently! 🦿👣🦵🏼

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