Mother’s teach you how to be a good friend

Breaking general curses one after another!

The struggle of being a good friend is something that many women struggle with. When I was younger, I was a terrible friend. Listening and caring about others’ feelings wasn’t any of my concern. If you were hurting and needed someone to talk to, you were better off talking to a brick wall than relying on me. I wasn’t equipped to handle my own problems, let alone anyone else’s.

We are taught how to be good to be a good friend!

But the question is, who teaches us these things?

We learn from watching the people that raise us. It’s impossible to know how to be a good friend if we see the dominant figure in our life being a half-ass friend and someone incapable of showing love to their children. Sad to say, but if you’re a lost child, you will be a lost adult in constant search of something real.

Spoiler alert you will never find it until you unlearn everything you learned as a child.

As a mother, my mission in life is to break every generational curse that has haunted me. I refuse to allow my kids to repeat the same mistakes other women and I have made. The thought of them being 20,30,40,50,60, and even 70 and still battling with being a friend frightens me. I want them to be consistent with their behavior and to expect others to be the same.

Never accept a half-ass friendship. It’s either a dependable friendship, or it’s nothing.

Three things to live by 

  1. Being a friend is someone that will keep it honest with you always, even if the truth hurts. If the truth prevents them from looking like a clown, spill it. 
  2. When you feel frustrated with your friend, tell them, don’t vent to others, and drag their name through the mud. Then act as if you said nothing.
  3. Wait until your anger, hurt, or annoyance settles before expressing your feelings to others.

If your mother didn’t teach you these things, it’s okay, now you know!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


12 Replies to “Mother’s teach you how to be a good friend”

  1. I absolutely love and appreciate your honesty. I imagine you were always an honest friend even if nothing else – as you rightly point out, if we are on our own to learn those other things, it does take time. Only an honest and strong person takes on such awareness and responsibility. You are truly shining your light for your family and in the world.

    1. This means so much to me. I had to learn while making many mistakes. I wish I hadn’t made them but I learned through it all.
      I hope I can prevent my girls and others from doing the same💗💗

  2. This is powerful for so many reasons but for me mainly because I admire that you held yourself accountable for not knowing how to be a good friend. Believe me I can relate. As I grew older, I learned by observation & putting myself in others shoes- literally & truly treating people the way I want to be treated & while some aren’t there yet in their growth, I don’t get mad or feel any negativity towards them. I just pray for them & stay away until they learn and do better. Great post!

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