Birthday LOVE. the BIG 18

How many people have the pleasure of saying, “I shared a body with someone for nine months”?

Yes count them 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9!

A woman carries the responsibility of making sure they are eating healthy, resting, and loving themselves so that this tiny human can have a chance of having a healthy life. We are the backbone and the real MVPs. Without us, there is no you. So can we please share a moment of silence for all the mommies out here?

Not only are we blessed enough to share our bodies with them, but we have the honor of watching them grow into their own. Not who we want them to be but who God wants them to be. 

Parents, all we need to do is make sure we are; 

supporting them 

guiding them

loving them

believing in them

nurturing them

But most importantly, give them the tools they need to survive without us. Unfortunately, we will leave this earth at some point, so it’s our responsibility to not just love on them but teach them to be productive, competent human beings that can be trusted to live in a free world. 

18 years ago, my son was born, and when I looked at his round chubby face, I made a promise to God that I will be the best parent that I could be. 

Did I make mistakes? Hell yes, I did and will continue to make them. But all in all, I didn’t do too bad!

My baby boy, my only son, is a dream come true. This kid has a gift to make you smile even when you don’t want to. He taught his sister how to read when she was four years old; he taught her how to ride her bike and to be fearless. When my daughter was a-year-old, and my son was six, I walked into his room and saw him teaching her how to fight.

I then looked over at his dresser and saw a piece of paper that read; BABY GAMES.

He had taken the time to jot down a circuit training session that he would do with her every day. He told me that she would be the toughest girl around, and she is too. 

Now that he’s 6’4 and 275 pounds, he isn’t exactly a little brother to my oldest daughter, but she still calls him her baby. They bring out the best in each other and always say they’re best friends. They stay up late talking, laughing, and watching movies. Quite often, all three kiddos will go out to eat together, go bowling, and to the theatre. Their bond is refreshing to see.

He’s the only boy, and I know he loves that because we all treat him like a king, including his dad. You can’t tell my husband that his kid isn’t the baddest joker on the planet.

He isn’t wrong, though! 

He’s 18; he has a full-ride football scholarship at a prestigious D-1 school. He has worked his behind off on and off the field. He has a fearless work ethic and is built for hard things. 

I am HONORED and proud to say that out of all the women on this earth; God chose me to be his mom.

So now, with all that being said, let’s, please wish my handsome, fun, energetic, intelligent, athletic, mommas boy, God-fearing son a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. Happy Happy Birthday wishes and blessings to your amazing son!!
    Your post made me smile throughout – I agree how much I feel my sons are a gift to me beyond measure. Also so precious what you share about how the siblings adore each other – to me it speaks more of the parents for that beautiful loving care to translate in the kids towards each other.

    1. I appreciate you saying that!!! 💖 We definitely tried our best to show them that family comes first. We both grew up with a huge age gap with our siblings that neither of us are close to them. And a lot of petty arguments are always present and we didn’t want that for them.

  2. Oh what a beautiful tribute to a handsome and “raised” young man. 👏🏼 May he continue to take the love, support and lessons you taught him with him everywhere, to bravely face the world out there! 💪🏼😁🙏🏼 What a blessing Belladonna!

  3. That’s a fine looking son you got there, Bella! I wish him a happy birthday and the best in college with his scholarship!! Happy birthday young man! 🎂🎁

      1. I don’t blame you, Bella! Empty Nest Syndrome is a booger bear! When my oldest son graduated, I was happy for him, but I silently cried while sitting on these bleachers watching him.

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