Share one goal for 2022

I have a lot of things on my to-do list for 2022.

However, one supersedes them all, and after I share mine, I would be delighted for you to share yours.

For kicks and giggles, let’s assume we will all stay healthy, happy, and safe. So be bold, and who cares if it’s somewhat selfish. 

My motivation is always passion and money. Passion because if you love what you do, then money will follow. Money because, ummmmm, who doesn’t love money. I, for one, like nice things, I like to give people nice things, I want to travel more, I have bills, and I have a kid to see, and the last time I checked, I was unable to get any of these things with my looks. So therefore, momma has to make money.

 So there you have it, my goal is to have my passion drive in more MONEY!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. Mine is to increase my strength and endurance. My hubby and I bought a new bed yesterday and we had to take down the old bed and haul it off to the dump (it was so broken down amd old). Then we came back and put the new bed together. After that, I was so wore out and my muscles were screaming! It let me know just how out of shape I still was.

    1. That’s hard work girl! Y’all did great, so many people would have hired folks to do that because it’s to much work. But you did it and that’s worth celebrating 💖😍

      1. Oops! Pushed that button too soon! I wanted to add that my hubby did take me out for dinner! That was our celebration! 🎉😋🍽🥂

      2. Amen on that one, Bella! I must say- I’m blessed to have a wonderful husband. Sure, we have our ups and downs but that’s with any marriage. He’s the best! ❤❤❤

  2. I’m working on a book of my fiction stories and serial flash fiction stories as well. Prayerfully, it’ll be published in April or May. Really, this is my only goal to shoot for so far.

  3. One goal is to continue working out to not only get in shape but help with my anxiety and depression! and also to FINALLY graduate with my masters in social work!

  4. I don’t think it’s selfish to want to be able to live a happy and comfortable life and, ultimately, we need funds to do that. Best of luck!
    Some of my 2022 goals: Don’t lose any more loved ones because of or over Covid. Get to a better place with myself. Be more grateful.
    Great post, Bella, and thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. Thank you Sherrie!!!
      You know some folks may think wanting money is selfish but I agree with you and these bills aren’t going to pay themselves.
      I pray no more loved ones die as well. And one day at a time for appreciating yourself, constantly remind yourself of how incredibly amazing you are!💖

      1. Always a pleasure!
        If you only want money for selfish reasons, that’s one thing, but people have to live.. and living isn’t just taking care of the bills.
        Thank you! I’m working on it.. but it’s easier said than done some days. 😆

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