Cheaters Taking Over Tikity Tokity

Is TikTok full of cheaters?

Yesterday I blogged about my short-lived experience on TikTok,( TikTok won’t let me be great). I know many older folks love the app and post regularly, but I can’t convince myself to do something that doesn’t help me grow and better myself. So I decided to join that dumb app but do what I love and do fitness videos. However, I was met with comments that made me feel like knocking eyeballs straight from their socket.

Anyhoo, I was late in joining the whole TikTok craze, but baby, chile, once I did, all I see are videos of men wagging their private parts or women twerking on the screen. Then there’s the stare-down “let me make love to my followers with my eyes” as I lip-sync into the camera.

Corny Corny Corny! I hate it, and then here’s the best part… After that, THE COMMENTS start pouring in:

“I’m so mad that I’m married because, the things I would do to you.”

“You look so damn good and edible.”

“good morning,” followed by kiss faces and red hearts

“Yo ass is so fat.”

“My husband wants to know why the same song keeps playing over and over again.”

“Are those titties real”?

“I wish I had known I was gay before I got married.”

“Watching your videos makes me want to leave my wife/husband.”

Those are just a few of the comments from the cheater side of TikityTokity land. 

I’m sure some of you are wondering how do I know they are married? The answer is simple: I click on the commenter’s picture and go to their profile, and it’ll have their status in the bio. Then, if you scroll for a while down their feed, you will see a video of them and their spouse or some sort of clue that they are married.

There is a chance that the married person may be all talk and would never step outside their marriage. But why risk it?  

If my husband had a TikTok account and left obscene comments, I would feel betrayed and disgusted. And he would quickly be missing an eye, a toe, an eyebrow, a finger…well, you get it. He’ll walk over, but he’ll be limping out the door.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


16 Replies to “Cheaters Taking Over Tikity Tokity”

  1. I first started watching because of the animal videos- priceless. Then came the videos they ‘thought’ I would like- how to be the correct type of gay, how to be straight, racially motivated videos, hatred towards current government, and how not to be a real women. I just wanted to see Bubba the Doggy run after the squirrel and Mama the cat stare down their human. I like the hobby people who took their love of glitter and polished rocks and made it a real career. However, I agree with you- I had to stop watching because I was getting sick over the amount of couples in loving relationships comment about cheating. Can we have a app just for cute animals doing cute things? 😀

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m with you!!!! Please bring back the darn animals. Honestly those are the funniest videos and the dog videos.
      I like to laugh and share funny things but the rude side of TikTok is just not for me. My niece told me that there is an even darker side… I shutter to think what the heck is over there.

  2. This . . .

    “If my husband had a TikTok account and left obscene comments, I would feel betrayed and disgusted.”

    I think that would be a natural response emotionally for anyone.

    And this . . .

    “And he would quickly be missing an eye, a toe, an eyebrow, a finger…well, you get it. He’ll walk over, but he’ll be limping out the door.”

    Well, yaaasss! Lol.

    1. I love watching workout videos, cooking, dancing videos, life hacks and funny videos and sometimes trash will pop up on my FYP because they feel like I was interested in one thing so maybe I’ll like this. I hate it! 😩

  3. Gurl, folks can spoil water. 😝 Just like every other social media channel out there, they start off good, where you can connect to like minded people, family members, friends, etc., until the freaks come out at night and day, and turn it into an XXX-rated platform! Freaking disgusting! 😡

  4. Anazing how many people landed on tik-tok, I’m only reading now.
    Thanks for the early warning, which i will permanently mark as waters not to be chartered.

      1. ☺, I’m in awe of the little bits i get to see, especially the funny ones, i crash myself.
        I am amazed the time people have also the talent and skills to engage on so many platforms.
        But under this thematic it must be a nightmare.

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