Confessions of a child predator

When evil speaks, you listen!

Is there such thing as being an overprotective parent? Maybe, I guess it depends on if you’re not allowing them to breathe and have their own space. However, how do you judge if you’re giving them too much space?

Pedophiles are looking and waiting for their idea of the “perfect” child to harm. Keep in mind that the person who harms a child is usually someone the family knows. They may feel comfortable allowing the child to go off alone with the unknown pedophiles, and sadly the abuse can happen right under your nose.

Steps I took to prevent abuse. 

When it comes to sports, my husband or I took our kids to practice and picked them up. I never wanted to rely on coaches. The fewer people that cared for my children, the better and safer they were. I know not many people have that option, so leave keep the communication open at all times and let your kids know that they are heard, loved, and respected.

Quick Story

My son was the quietest of my three kids, and years ago, I read a book that detailed a predator’s love for quiet children. So, of course, I always carried that thought with me, which led me to stay in my son’s ear. And boy did he get sick of me. You see, every day, I would pick my son up from Pre-K; he would come bouncing in the car and give me the tightest squeeze. And like clockwork, I would ask him:

Me: “How was your day.”

My son: “great.”

Me: Did anyone touch your pee-pee or try to touch it?

My son: “Ewwww no.”

Finally, one day he opened up my car door and yelled out, “I had a great day, and no one touched my pee-pee.”

Dear God, son, shut the damn door!

Child Predator Confession: Must Watch Video

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10 Replies to “Confessions of a child predator”

  1. I love how protective and proactive you and your husband are Belladonna. 🥰👏🏼🤗 It’s hard to let your guard down because there are people who crave an opportunity to do such disgusting deeds. They know how to seek out the vulnerable and you want to do a “Lorena Bobbitt” on them! UGH!!!

    1. Yes!!!! You really would
      Want to do just that in these nasty folks. I don’t know how she was able to conduct the interview in the video I provided. He should be under the jail and not sitting cozy on his couch!!!

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