How long has it been since you’ve had the freedom to just be

No longer painted the color I choose

A mask hides you oh to well

In my mind I’m painting you red, purple, pink with a hint of shimmer

I find it hard to choose what color to paint you

Purple is bold and daring

light gloss with a little shimmer is sexy

Pink with a light gloss brings out my best

Frost with a hint of color is soothing

I think he’s seen me any every shade but a frosted red was his fav

But for now I just choose a light glaze of nothing

Just a little something to protect you from the winter weather

Then seal you tight with my mask

6 Replies to “Lips”

  1. Belladonna, your post reminds me of one of the books I am currently reading, “Color Me In” by Natasha Diaz. This is one of those coming of age books about a biracial young lady grappling with her Jamaican and Jewish roots. She wonders where she belongs. I love your reflections…behind the mask! 🎭✨🎉🎨🤗

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