Bounce Back From Your Setback

2021 was a setback, but it prepared us for our bounce back!

A long time ago, I learned to stop questioning God. Sure it’s okay to feel some way when terrible things happen to us. We need to express our disappointment by letting the tears flow in streams down our faces. We need to stomp so hard that it feels like we are making the earth shake. But when we are done with our meltdown, we need to zone in on our problems and work diligently to fix them.

Remain Calm And Stay……

Losing sleep has never helped anyone solve a problem. If anything, a loss of sleep will make you paranoid and heighten any issue you may have. So instead, find your center by educating yourself. Learn more about what you are going through and find someone to lean on. 


prayed up 

geared up 

cheered up

scrubbed up

joyed up

rubbed up 

dripped up

Find laughter in the midst of your storm and know trouble won’t last always. Joy will come in the morning.

My Setback of 2021

2021 started off with a bang! I underwent several testings to figure out what the hell was wrong with me. I was dizzy, suffering from low energy, crabby, and body chills that made me feel paralyzed for an hour or two. I then had surgery on Feb 1st, and after two to three weeks, I was ready to ease back into everyday life. That is until two root canals were needed, OHHHH and Covid 19, struck our home. 

I blinked, and it was the end of May. By the time I lifted my out-of-shape ass out of my bed, I wanted to scream. My body was stiff as a board, and my muscles were, well, not muscles anymore. I tried to fight that defeated feeling with everything in me, and most days, I failed. But I knew God had a plan for me, so I clung to his word and powered through.

In the end, I knew my many setbacks would make my bounce back that much sweeter!

Bounce with me.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


21 Replies to “Bounce Back From Your Setback”

    1. That’s it ight there my friend! I’m grateful to be here too. And that feels good to say. Happy 2022 and thank you so much for saying thaat. I appreciate you.

    1. Thank you Kym!!!! Yes we all for this.
      I didn’t understand why I was going through all of that last year but soon realized God needed me to sit down and listen to him. God is good🙌🏾

      1. He is good all the time Belladonna! Thank God we can be still and listen to what He is saying to us and where He is leading us to next. That’s growing up I’d say! 💪🏼💖👍🏼

      2. Amen!!!! It takes age to truly appreciate his presence and yo have the patience we need. My sister is a pastor and she always says “if you don’t sit down somewhere and stop all this foolishness and listen to God”.
        Well he sat me right on my behind. 👀🤣

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