How to choose a name for your blog

We all want to be someone, someone to somebody.

A few weeks ago, I had a blogger that joined my blog. On a few occasions, that person would like my post and comment from time to time. No of the comments were off-putting, rude, or worthy of being deleted. That is until one day, the “blogger” wrote a false and triggering comment under one of my posts.

I quote, ” You are a whore; I saw you in a thong on one of your Instagram posts.” And that made me laugh!

I wouldn’t dare do that and for several reasons. One is my children follow me, and the other is my ass doesn’t sit as pretty as it used to, and lastly, Instagram doesn’t pay me to release this rump shaker! 

So a long story short, I knew that someone was waiting for me to defend myself so that they could start a conversation. However, that was a conversation that would have been a waste of my time. But instead, it led my brain to wonder. How do we come up with our profile names?

Why did they choose that name

I couldn’t help but wonder why this person would choose the name someone. Do they not feel like they are someone in real life? Therefore they want to give off the illusion that they are just that. Fake it until you make it.

How I chose my name

There were two factors: my Aunt called me Belle, and she made it rhyme with my first name. Secondly, I was a dance minor and one of my instructors that I feared admired and gave my life to impress called me Belladonna. I LOVED THAT! And lastly, my husband said, “you have so many talents that you could share with everyone, and you could shine a flashlight on everything that you’ve been through. 

I immediately thought I could show others how I stumbled with my health, fitness, and life. I would do this hoping that others can make better choices than I did. And that’s how Belladonna Flashlight came to life. It fits me, I’m sticking with it, and I love it more and more each day.

Tips for choosing a name

If you are one of many searching for a name, make sure you choose something that will stand out and be rememberable. It always helps if it’s easy to pronounce and sound out. 

I wish you luck on your journey! Please let me know if this helped you in any way.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


32 Replies to “How to choose a name for your blog”

  1. People are WORK . . . I have always been of the mind set that if it doesn’t truly describe me, I won’t waste my breath or keystrokes responding. More than likely, the person will be immediately blocked b/c that kind of attention-seeking doesn’t render any rewards from me. LOL! I love the name of your blog, and from what I’ve come to know about you so far, yes, it does fit!

    1. Yes girl, people are work and I’m not getting paid to deal with the foolishness of it all. I was shocked when I read that and was like I don’t know who’s Instagram they stumbled upon but if for damn sure wasn’t mine!🤣
      Thanks girl! I struggled with trying to figure out a name and then one day it just hit me… call yourself what people that are close to you call you.

    1. Yes that troublemaker is gone. They gave me a good laugh though because it was beyond ridiculous!
      I hope you have an amazing year and I look forward to continuing to read your blog over a cup of coffee.

  2. Love the story behind the name of your blog 🙂 I had difficulty choosing mine. My sons didn’t like my name choice, but I stuck with it because having lived in three different cultures has shaped my vision of life and our world.

  3. Aww I’m sorry that happened to you. So far in my experience the wordpress community is 99% nice and genuine, but there are a-holes everywhere. And that’s why the block button exists 🙂

    But anyways, Happy New Year and cheers to YOUR beautiful blog name!

    1. Yes!!!! The block button is a blessing and I love it! Fortunately I have thick skin and it’s hard to offend or rattle me. But I wanted to write this just in case someone out there needed to know the weren’t alone if a creep tried the as well.
      Happy New Year! I’m so honored that you like my name🙏🏽♥️ I love yours as well!

  4. Comments like that are generally just people looking for attention so it’s best to ignore them and move on with your life. You have an incredible body and you look amazing no matter what you choose to wear 🙌🏽
    I think this is such a great post because I didn’t realise how important the name of your blog is until it was too late. Instead of putting thought into it I chose a random name generated by Google and now I’m stuck with it 🙃 😑

    1. Thank you beautiful!!! Yeah I laugh at the foolishness. “Someone’s” name is the only thing that caught my attention.
      Well I like your name and stands out! Keeper! 😍

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