Photoshop ~Let’s Flip It On Them~

It’s making my skin crawl!

I’m going to fight somebody if I see one more app that will allow you to change your entire body! You can change those love handles into a six-pack, a flat A cup into a plump, and a lifted set of double-Ds. The flat rump shaker can transform into a bubble butt in a matter of a click.

So, the picture looks pleasing, and the feeling of pride sweeps over the atmosphere.

 But what happens when you look in the mirror and see that you aren’t what you photoshopped?

All you can say to yourself when you drippily look into the mirror is, “Well damn; there’s that”!

But even more importantly, What do you do when you see people in real life, and they are used to seeing this beach body? I wonder if you have to go into full scramble mode, with sweat running fiercely down your face and blurt out, “what had happened was.”  However, everyone is already giving you the side-eye by the time you yell that out.

So here’s what I propose we do with those apps. First, we flip it on them, then shock our followers. And this is how we do it;

The flip it on them plan

Okay, the body shifter apps make us feel bad. Moreover, most of us can agree that we aren’t feeling our best self when the app is turned off. So we need to become more innovative and make fun of the app and not ourselves. 

So here’s what I was thinking, we can stop taking ourselves so seriously and feeding into all of the false images we see on social media. Instead of pretending to be all glammed up, put a few extra pounds on that image by making your body wider, one boob higher than the other, a big lumpy butt. You can make your hair look disheveled, and your nose crooked. 

Now when you see people, and get a glimpse of shock on their faces. Then, finally, you feel a sense of pride in what you look like and begin to feel proud of yourself. You then can smile, stick your chest out, hold your head high and say, “why yes, I’ve been working on me, honey”!

I hope we can all grow into a comfortable place that allows us to love who we are and stop putting ourselves down because of who we aren’t.

~Flip it and smile~

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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