Needing Someone To LOVe

Have you noticed that people are growing more eager to jump into a relationship with anyone and force the word LOVe into the equation? My only question is, “What’s the damn rush”? 

I know times have changed since I existed out of the dating scene, but I don’t remember desperation being in my equation. So what’s up with women falling in love with the first man that shows them interest? If you ask me, and I know you’re not, but let’s pretend you are. People are a little too eager to fall in LOVe and afraid to be alone.

Did you know that there are dating pages on Facebook? Oh yes, there is something for everyone. They have; 

  1. Black women looking for black men and vice versa.
  2. White women looking for white me and vice versa
  3. Christians looking for Christians
  4. Black me looking for white men
  5. Black women looking for white women 

Well, you get my point. I know people that have met on Facebook and SHOCKER; it was a nightmare. But, unfortunately, the love affair they rushed into ended up being nothing more than a sexual experience. As a result, hearts were broken, tears were shed, and most of all, valuable time was wasted. However, on the bright side, she didn’t contract a sexually transmitted disease….. So there’s that!

Not only is LOVe being found on Facebook, but TikTok is a new hot spot. 

I am amazed by how many people are traveling to meet with total strangers. They have no idea if they are meeting a serial killer, rapist, or even a pedophile that preys on women with children. Let’s face it, just because someone makes a few funny TikToks doesn’t mean they are worth putting yourself in harm’s way.

I have listened to over 100 people reencounter horror stories of the person they instantly fell in LOVe with over Tiktok. Which, if I may add, is not love. That’s stupidity and dangerous!

What happened to, speed dating, or other services that screen people for you? Are those outdated and not cool anymore?

As a mom, I would rather have my kids go through a legitimate dating site and avoid someone trying to become a star on TikTok. Or better yet, sit down somewhere and stop being overly eager to fall in LOVe.  LOVe will come; be patient!

We all want to be loved and to LOVe. But don’t just give it to anyone. Hold out for that special someone, that deserves your LOVe.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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      1. I used to have an account on FB a long time ago. I thought the whole world loved me … I got so many hearts. Then the girls explained to me that the heart on social networks means “only” the word SUPER 😁🌞🌹😘

  1. I agree with you fully. The need for quick thrills is taking over the value of genuine relationships. Love should come from love of our own life and self – a lesson that needs to be repeated to our younger generation.

  2. OMG Belladonna I agree 💯. You can smell “desperation” pouring out of some people’s pores like beads of sweat. I have seen this, and it’s as if that “hot” person hits a trigger point, which isn’t hard to figure out when a person is lusting with desperation, then oftentimes it comes out more dangerous and disappointing, if not deadly.

    I’ve seen the same thing too and quite honestly, there may be a lot of honest and sincere people on these dating apps or social media channels in general, but girlfriend, I guess I’m just old fashioned, but I don’t trust it period! If I am looking to buy something, the I need to see it first before making the purchase! Get my drift??? 🤨🙄😏

    1. Yes!!!!! I get your drift and co-sign.
      I have a hard time trusting people as well. I’ll assume you are a serial killer first until I investigate and see different but until then it’s a NO FOR ME!

  3. New world. Dear Belladona. People rushing into relationships. I meet lonely men and women. I tell them, find people with common goal. Working out, dancing, reading and nature. Slow and easy allow us to know the other person. We need to slow down and excite the mind first my friend.

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