Queen of drama

Am I the drama?

I know that I’m not, but I thought I would fake being polite and blame myself.

Do you ever stop and look at yourself and honestly examine who you are as a person? Or; Do you place blame on everyone else and play the victim?

I have recently started to take a good look at myself and pick apart everything that makes me the “drama”!

First, off I allow people to walk into my life and comfortably complain, complain, complain. I’m a listener, and quite frankly, I like that about me, but I want to be heard as well. And that’s where the problem lies. I listen too much, and people forget that I need them to reciprocate that polite gesture.

I let months, and in a recent case, YEARS pass, and I don’t vocalize my frustrations. Then out of nowhere, I ghost them or make myself visibly turned off by their “friendship.” I can’t hide how I feel; my facial expression and body language will tell it all.

But in my defense, I’m 45 years old, I have three kids, married for 21 years, and I’m tired. In addition, I solve problems for every knucklehead in my house. Therefore, I don’t have a damn desire to hear a friend vent about the same damn thing over and over again, especially if it’s about a man. And not just any man. OH no, no, a man that doesn’t make you a priority, and he’s never hidden that. 

So here’s what I learned after my self-evaluation

I am the drama!!!!!

Instead of letting people vent about the same stupid things, I need to say, “shut the hell up, stop complaining about the things that are in your control. Either begin to make better choices or suffer in silence”. Also, I need to do better and stop starting friendships with my ears perked and my mouth closed.

Being a good listener isn’t the problem; however, allowing people to go on and on and not stopping them from complaining is the issue.

Ghosting people and rolling my eyes and is my drama-filled move. 

So I’m doing away with that move by backing away slowly and will discontinue being the queen of my drama.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


13 Replies to “Queen of drama”

  1. I thought this was a brilliant self reflection with lessons for all kinds – listeners, talkers and in between. Too many are hungry for good listeners and then keep no boundaries. They don’t take boundaries very well either. It is important to take responsibility for ourselves either way.

  2. Damn this whole post is soooo relatable, over-listening is exactly my weakness. I need to find the guts to say: I don’t wanna hear about your problems if you’re not doing anything to solve them!!

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