What’s the toughest thing about your job

I’ll go first!

Talking about being in good health is kind of my thing. I live for it and can’t picture my life going in any other direction.

HOWEVER, the most challenging part about being a coach is seeing people give up. I can always see the frustration a few days before they send me an email to tell me that they aren’t in the right frame of mind and need some time off. I get it, but it always hits me kind of hard!

When they send the email, I don’t attempt to reach out because I know it took a lot of mental energy for them to get up the nerve to end their fitness journey. Then my heart falls to my stomach when I reach the end of the letter that reads;

“I will continue to watch my eating and will try my hardest to work out 3 to 4 days a week”.

I know they won’t do either of the above. Of course, I wish for them too, but there is a very slim chance of that happening! 

The majority of the clients I see are in desperate need of a life change, and without proper guidance, that will not happen. This is why on a daily basis, I preach about not giving up. Losing weight and getting into good health is complicated; emotions will fly everywhere, and just when you feel like giving up, your body begins to change. We all need more patience because change will not happen overnight.

A high percentage of the time, my ex-clients put back on massive amounts of weight, and unfortunately, they have aged. Which means the weight will be harder to get off. 

Mother nature can be cruel like that!

Welp, that’s the one thing I hate about my job; watching my clients that are still in need walk away.

Your turn!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. The one thing I truly HATE about my job (I’m a Radiology Scheduling Specialist) is receiving orders from providers/doctors that are incorrect. This delays patient care and it seems like we have to preach over and over and over again about placing or faxing the correct order coinciding with the patient’s conditions. I cannot tell you the number of orders I have to send back or call doctors’ offices to actually walk them through how to order a certain radiological scan or procedure. It’s really quite frustrating because patients don’t want to hear their order is incorrect and they cannot be scheduled, they want to be one step closer to finding out what is or could be wrong with them.

    1. Oh my gosh, girl! I know you are all over them when they mess up. Last year I had to go in for a biopsy and was asked to come back because of a slight mix up I said no way because my neck was hurting bad. Then a day later they had everything corrected. I’m so glad you understand and are standing with the patients. Thank you so much!!!!

      1. You’re most welcome. Someone has to make sure patient care is respected and handled in an efficient manner and accordingly. And yes, I get them in line, but professionally. Lol.

  2. I clearly hear you. When I see people who just get diverted and distracted into something more entertaining than what could be sustained healing for them, just letting that go has been good learning for me.

  3. Hear hear. I can see how that’s a difficult aspect of your job. As a life coach, mine is to keep believing in myself. When I have a bad day, I instantly ask myself if I am capable of helping others fix their lives if mine ain’t all that, either.

      1. Haha, ikr! While in reality, everyone faces good and bad days. We’re living examples how to cope with the bad days, but we forget we’re allowed to have them, lol!

      2. So true! I always see a client when I’m treating myself and I want to dig a hole and jump in! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Then I remind myself I’m human and love food too! That’s why I workout; so I can eat all the delicious things in this world 😂

      3. And you know what, maybe your client, instead of thinking you’re indulging, actually thinks: ah, she’s a great example of how I want to be, too! Treating myself once in a while while keeping up the good work.

        Everything we tell ourselves that’s bad about ourselves, usually only lives in our own minds. Silly us, ey 😉😂

  4. Yeah that sounds like a tough part of being a coach. I can tell you are so caring of your clients, which makes it impossible to just brush it off if they quit and give up on themselves.

    1. Thank you! I usually have trouble sleeping that night and constantly blaming myself.
      Now that I’ve been doing it so long, I no longer blame myself but it still make me sad.

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