MUST READ ~ Top 5 FITNESS goals for 2022~

Yes, we are going there today.

Let’s take a dive into 2022 and talk about how to set fitness goals. But first, we have to throw out all the excuses concerning 2020 and how that messed up our” normal” way of life. What does normal even mean? I’ve been alive for 45 years, and I have yet to experience ONE that mimicked each other in all those years. 

There will always be unexpected troubles thrown at you, and you have to bob and weave to get the hell out of the way. However, sadly we aren’t able to make a clean escape from some of those troubles. And we have to figure out a way to recover from the blow. Trouble times didn’t arrive in 2020; they’ve been here. 

Now let’s work on fixing what you carried over from previous years. 2022 is going to be your year to dump old baggage!

2022 is your year for all things healthy.


  • Relationships
  • Food
  • Workout Regimen
  • Mind
  • Financial habits
  • Self-esteem
  • Savings account
  • Bodyweight

We’re going to tackle the way you treat yourself and then watch all things follow suit. Once you have your mind and body in a healthy place, you’ll feel more equipped to take charge of all areas of your life.

Top 5 fitness goals for 2022

  1. Figure out if you are more comfortable working out in a group setting, such as the gym or at your home.
  2. Do you need a personal trainer for motivation or ideas on where to find good workouts?
  3. Set a realistic number of days that you want to commit to training each week. How many days do you want to do cardio? How many days do you want to train your upper body and lower body? How many days are you going to rest?
  4. Which day is your meal prep day~ Most important one~ Food is Fuel~
  5. Which stress factor/s are you going to eliminate from your life?

Start with these five goals and then slowly add to them. Remember to start slow; try to prevent feeling overwhelmed. The less stress you put on yourself, the easier it will be to keep up with your goals.

Now let’s prep our bodies and get ready to create healthy bodies for 2022!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


19 Replies to “MUST READ ~ Top 5 FITNESS goals for 2022~”

  1. Was that 45 a typo 😳
    Goodness you look 25 🌸🌻
    No a teenage version of 25

    After feeling overwhelmed
    Thank you for me calming me down as well.
    Gym and personal trainer are not on the cards
    Focusing on health and walking through 2022 are definitely on the cards.

  2. Your writings motivates me a lot. But this is very different, it’s awesome. You constructed it so perfectly. Also, you look so young and beautiful. Besides, age they say is a number. Keep on the fitness dear. I love that!

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