Why money ain’t free

I was listening to a few great artists on Tiktok, and I ran across this guy who makes songs that many of us can relate to.

Instead of speaking his thoughts, he sings them. There is something about his voice. Let me stop trying to explain and let ya’ll hear what I mean.

Isn’t that a catchy little tune?

I love how he sings about the things we are thinking. I have often wondered if God intended for us to work so hard in order to live a comfortable life. I mean, geesh, we are constantly looking forward to the weekend. But please don’t blink because if you do, you just might miss it.

Now don’t get me wrong, my husband and I have an incredible work ethic, and we don’t want a handout, buttttttttttt. And it’s a BIG BUT! It would be great if things weren’t so darn expensive. 

My husband says that it wouldn’t matter how much money we have, because I would still be cheap. He’s probably right but let me find out LAWD! 

Would you please let me find out God? 

Since I loved this funny little song so much, I decided to add my lyrics that flow with his. So replay the video and then sing along with me. If you have any other bars, then please join in. 

This should be fun!

Why money ain’t free

Why can’t you just give it to me

I don’t want to work for nobody 

I’d rather keep doing me 

Why money ain’t free

Listen… why can’t you just give it to me 

I’m out here working hard

Just trying to make it through 

It’s a struggle when you wanna go to France

And maybe Australia too

I don’t wanna do nothin strange

Just to get a little pocket change

OHHH why money ain’t free

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


20 Replies to “Why money ain’t free”

  1. Haha! Testify! Girl, why is he playing that keyboard like he’s at church on Communion Sunday?! Lol. I truly enjoyed this. Lol.

  2. Funny Belladonna! 😂😆🤣 Realistically though, there is a different playing field for different people. Think about a pyramid. It takes a lot more to be at the bottom, that’s where the weight is shifted in order to support the angles as they get smaller and smaller at the top. We have been conditioned to think that more means better. In some cases it does, but for most normal folks like us there is a different set of rules. We just need to adjust those rules so we can get that little bit of “pocket change” as you lyrically noted! LMBO! 🤑💰💲

  3. Wow, that guy’s voice is amazing ~ And the lyrics are insightful! The tune is catchy. I hope some of these talented artists make it big from TikTok!

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