I’m the coffee in your veins

Waking up in the morning, my mind goes straight to coffee.

Not because I need the caffeine,

Nae Nae

I long for the smooth, warm feel rushing through my body. Making every inch of me feel soothed and alive.

When my clock strikes 9:00am, my coffee is brewing, and my smile is plastered on my face. Oh, the joy! Nothing else matters to me, and the only thing that exists in the world is me and my warm cup of coffee. When my cup is filled to the top, I add a little cream and gently stir my cup. I then sit in my favorite chair, drape a soft blanket over my lap, close my eyes, and take my first sip. 

AWWWWWWW God is good!

Before I know it, my cup is empty, and my alert level is on 10. I don’t know if it’s all mental, and I don’t care because that feeling feeds my veins. My positivity level has reached its highest stage. At this point, I’m ready for 32 ounces of water and gearing to take charge of my day.

Now I know, I know, I know that coffee may not be your thing, in fact, many of my clients despise coffee, but they don’t need it. 


I’m the joy they need,

Their motivation out of a cup

A little cream to their imaginary coffee

I steer them towards positive vibes

Positive life

Positive mindset

Always helping them to develop good habits

Shaking them awake with a warm, yet stern hand

I am all they need

I am the coffee in their veins!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


32 Replies to “I’m the coffee in your veins”

  1. Girl, you better go on with your stimulating self! I too, enjoy the warmth of coffee and the way it makes me feel. I can take it or leave it, but I do enjoy taking it. I love this!

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      1. Happy Friday. I’m just winding down. Had a busy Friday.
        Diluted apple juice on crushed ice tastes lovely at this hour.
        I can feel summer in the air

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      2. I’m in South Africa.
        We are not insync like that
        As I’m looking out of my bedroom The faint light of Twilight is smiling at me.
        Soon it will be Friday evening
        While you are gallavanting, sleep will be calling me…lol

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  2. Plot twist.. I enjoyed your writing from the beginning to the last line. And I realize what you say is true.

    I choose blogs to visit and read well.

    And I chose your blog because of its quality and inspiring content. Thanks for sharing. Greetings from me.

    Let me follow your blog.

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