The Lisa Vanderpump CopyCat

I talk alot about health!

Whether it’s healthy eating, getting enough rest, drinking your water, etc. But today, I’ll be talking about the most beneficial thing you can do to secure healthy living.

It doesn’t matter how much you work out or how clean you eat; if you don’t secure your circle, you will never become your highest self. 

A few years ago, I belonged to a gym called Lifetime Fitness. The biggest mistake that I’ve made was joining this gym and befriending petty women. There was this one older lady that reminded me so much of Lisa Vanderpump. She wasn’t rich or stylish, but she was calculated, sneaky, gossipy, slimy, and lacked a backbone. 

The first time I engaged in a conversation with her, I was walking out of TJ Maxx, and she took the liberty to warn me about every woman in the gym except one. I only knew one of the women she degraded, and shortly after, I met the rest.

When I was a regular at the gym, I began chatting and getting reasonably close to three of the women that she said she hated. She referred to them as broke, insecure, lonely bitches. But the funny thing is I would find her engaging with two of the three. Which caught me off guard because she referred to herself as a “tell it like it is New Yorker.”  She would often say that she was anything but fake. 

But what she indeed was is someone to keep at a distance and only say hi and bye.

She and I quickly met toe-to-toe when she grew angry because I didn’t take her advice on a woman she despised. Sounds petty, right? Here we have a woman in her late 60’s or early 70’s acting like a middle schooler.

I laugh and talk with everyone. I could care less about who likes who. The only people that truly matter to me are my family. Well, when The copycat LV saw that all friendships were intact, she stopped talking to me, and I’m sure that’s when I crept on her list to bash.  WELL, BASH AWAY!

When she saw that I didn’t miss a beat and kept on being me, she then decided to say hello to me. Many people assume that I’m the kind of person who will let things slide well, that is unless you know me. Little did she know once you put me on the do not disturb list, keep me on it. Because my following words spoken will not be too kind. Once she identified that, she backed down like the copycat she is.

Ironically after her pride was bruised, she quickly went to work on my character to whoever would listen. 

Whenever I stop and think about the copycat LV and my Lifetime fitness days, I instantly feel lighter. There isn’t a workout plan that I could do to make me feel more fit than I already do. 

Sometimes the weight that you need to shed isn’t your own.

You could have chosen any bog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


19 Replies to “The Lisa Vanderpump CopyCat”

  1. I felt all of this . . .

    “Little did she know once you put me on the do not disturb list, keep me on it. Because my following words spoken will not be too kind. Once she identified that, she backed down like the copycat she is.”

    I’m like this, “You wanna put me on pause, do you thing. Ain’t no need to press play later on.”

    Girl, this is a word!

  2. Sometimes the weight that you need to shed isn’t your own – so perfectly and powerfully said! It does matter who we engage with, precious energy and time is spent on every interaction we choose.

  3. Tell me about the lovely 60 and 70 year olds you met
    The ones who never let you pick up their burdens
    Vanderpump makes me feel so sad
    Happy to know you are letting go
    Don’t carry her burden.

    1. My favorite clients are all over 70 and they give me balance because they thoroughly enjoy every day they are blessed to see.
      This particular lady just doesn’t have a clue. And yes makes me sad for her too.☹️

      1. Oh that’s so cool to be surrounded by so many many years
        As for Vanderpump, i don’t know where she gets the energy to carry on this way. 😞

  4. “Sometimes the weight that you need to shed isn’t your own.” BOOYAH Belladonna! 🤜🏼🤛🏼 That sums up your situation and some that I have felt from certain individuals who think they are all that and a bag of Doritos! In the end, you find out that people like this imposter/wannabe are simply miserable with themselves. In essence, they are no different than the school bully! SMH 😠😒🤬

    1. Yes!!!!!!! I just know she was the school bully. So sad because she has picked on women at the gym that were truly frightened of her. She even threatened to beat a few up and her membership was about to be snatched 🤦🏽‍♀️
      The stories I have will make you laugh until you cry. My husband use to say is this a gym your going to or a zoo🤣

      1. 😂😆🤣 LMBO…your husband was right Belladonna! If this LV chick keeps pushing up mess, she might be confronted with a meeting in the ladies room of the gym! 🤜🏼🤛🏼 Better yet, that meeting could be handled out in the parking lot! 🥊🥋🥊 Just sayin’. 😱

      2. Funny you should say that because that’s where I meeting was🤣🤣🤣 We were in the sauna and here she comes thinking all was well and she can say Hi to me. I said oh no ya don’t! Don’t speak to me. I will not take part in on and off again behavior. She knew to shut it up and keep it moving 😂 She got the right one that day!
        So glad to be out of the dark gym!

      3. OMG 😂 you are a true Cancerian! 🤣 Keep it movin’. I hate to think about the look on your face when she saw you. That must have been a priceless Hallmark moment!!! 😜🤔😝

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