You will not outdo me

I will not be outdone or outworked by my past self!

I don’t compare or compete with anyone but me. Focusing on what others are doing is a distraction and will set you back years. The more you focus on what everyone else is doing, the more doubt will creep its way in and poison your mind. You’ll start feeling like you aren’t good enough, strong enough, brave enough, smart enough, or worthy to have what “they” have. 

Many people will start on a journey and get sidetracked but not you… not anymore. Today, you will take a look in the mirror and have a conversation about your past self and pick out all the things you loved and hated about that person. Then you’re going to figure out a way to bring the good things forward and erase the things that do not align with what you are currently trying to accomplish. Banishing the unwanted, the no longer needed will clear the path for everything positive.

When I write, I think about everything I want to say, and then I jot it down. If my words aren’t clear or seem out of sink with one another, I won’t continue to build off it. I delete the whole thing because I want a clear vision. My old words will keep me from moving forward, just like when we hold on to something that no longer serves us. 

Nothing can stop you if you have a clear vision.

Often I will remind myself that I no longer desire to be the solid athletic dancer I used to be, I no longer want to be the badass I was in the military, and I no longer wish to be the BEAST that birthed three children. I want and need to outdo that person. 

So I take all the good things that I loved about my past self, and throw out the unwanted. And sometimes I need a fresh start and throw the whole damn old self away, and I start fresh. Reinventing yourself should be normalized if you want to outdo your former self. 

So today, I want you to get up and dig deeper than you ever have before and begin your journey. Once you start, don’t stop. Outdoing, you should continue to take time and concentration. 

It’s go time…..level up and outdo you!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


29 Replies to “You will not outdo me”

  1. Your words are an amazing fuel to start the day with :)) I totally agree with you and cannot imagine being a stagnant defined person. I also agree with your reminders for how we can easily get side tracked if we leak attention on to others more than on our own journey. Awesome post!

  2. Guuurrrrrlllll Belladonna, this is spot-on. 🎯 You know, I look at my old self, the good and bad, and I try to see what I need to let go, what I need to save to improve on, and the opportunities that lay before me based on my former experiences. If we don’t look at this “growth of maturity” that you speak of, then we get trapped and imprisoned by our past (the good and bad clumped together and inseparable).

    Your words of reflection resonate with the me, and with that part of me which is always looking for ways to improve my mind, body, and spirit. Thanks for sharing this eye-opener. 👀

    1. Awwww Thank you Kym!!! I know you know the feeling of needing to get rid of the bad and celebrate all things good. That makes us able to improve and birth a new us 💖
      Focusing on the good!

  3. Is it Saturday Morning?
    Yerrrrrrr you on a roll
    I agree, stepping back from yourself for a little while and discarding the unwantedness and deep clean like barnacles sweep the surface of the deep sea

      1. Lol
        Girlie sound so cute.
        I am, its gone cold and we’ve had a bit of rain.
        But I’m full of joy, my sister just landed, picked up her hired car and as we speak she is driving my way.
        I haven’t seen her in a long long time.
        So yes thank you
        Have a wonderful Sunday too❤

      2. Oh Belladonna
        We just arrived home
        Thank you, thank you
        The mist was so thick on the road 😩….happy to be home

      3. Thanks dear we glad to be home and out of the mist. We also got lost earlier, lol, the gps just couldnt locate a little lane we were looking for. Anyway alls well.
        She is just finishing off the dish she half prepared, late dining/ chatting and tomorrow she is on her way back home.
        Have a wonderful evening too.

  4. Yes! I love this, completely agree. In “steps to take to make yourself feel bad” Step 1 is ALWAYS compare yourself to someone else. Useless, painful and pointless. You can only beat you.

  5. In a world where technology has made so many things easy by bringing people close together, it has also bring the negative and toxic people who add to one’s self doubt and this is a great way to tackle it by focusing on outdoing yourself! Amazing! Thanks.

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