Starting Over

Sometimes starting over is a must!

This week has been a trying week for me, and mentally I am worn out. I’ve spent the week reevaluating my life and thinking about all the times I say the word “NO.” I tell myself NO so often that it’s starting to get on my nerves.

The cause of my NO’s is due to my cheap ways. I prefer to see money coming in and staying in rather than leaving as soon as we get it. But as a result of all that saving, I’m left feeling bored and incomplete.

So I’m left asking myself, “Is saying no to travel worth sacrificing living a little and being happy?” 

When our kids were little, we left the country a few times, and then the more significant they became, the more they were involved with sports. Three kids and four different sports equals a tired mom and dad. We became comfortable watching a movie at home on our off days and taking short road trips.

But now I’m BORED! I need to break out of this life I’m living and explore. 

So I’m starting over! Today is a new day. 

I’m done telling myself no

I’m done being so cheap

I’m done with not being completely happy

I’m done watching life pass me by

I’m done saying no to my husband, that’s always ready to do something

I’m done being bored with me

So I’m starting over!

I feel like Mary Tyler Moore when she did her iconic twirl beside the Nicollet mall in Minneapolis and tossed her blue knit beret into the air. Her beaming soul-snatching smile will forever be etched in my brain. And I want to feel that joy as much as possible, but I have to get out of my way and make it happen.

Move Bella get out the way

We’re starting over today!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


19 Replies to “Starting Over”

  1. I am actually writing a letter to myself for a publication and really–this is sort of my theme . . . getting out of my way and stepping away from fear. I love this, Bella! Do what you have to!

  2. I cannot keep up with your shifts and expansions
    Here you are making a new one and I feel like tortoise , admiring this brave dance.
    Stepping out of your shell
    Getting out of your own way as my fellow commentator says
    And starting over
    With brave new steps
    Making waves and writing new and exciting chapters
    Starting Over, I love the title.

    1. Awwww thanks girlie! I feel like if I’m staying the same then I’m not living. I MUST LIVE 😀
      If we need to start over everyday then we must and that’s okay!

  3. There you go sista! You’re bustin’ out of the funk (as Rick James would say)! 👊🏼 🤛🏼 It’s perfectly fine to say yes and then just do it. Once you do, you’ll never go back.✈️ 🚗 🚂🏍 Go for the gusto! Or…everyone will leave you behind! 😱 Love this reality check!!! ✔️ 💯 🎯

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