Embrace The Struggle

Never be ashamed of your struggle.

We live in a fast world, and every “good moment” is shared at warp speed on social media. However, oddly hardly anyone will post their struggle, and I AM HERE FOR A FREAKIN STRUGGLE STORY!

I mean, let’s get real, I know that everyone that’s a part of social media land has a struggle or two or three or a thousand. All I ask is for you to show them and stop being ashamed of your struggles. They are born to make us stronger and better equipped to handle life.

I’m blessed to be a part of the fitness world, and I talk about health every day. I constantly think about how I can improve my health as well as others. Every day I challenge myself to be better than the day before, and I fall short more often than I succeed!

A massive part of my successful days are due to the days I struggled, and I love that. I embrace my not-so-good moments, and I own them.

Things We Can Learn From Struggles

We grow when we become honest with ourselves. There is absolutely no way to become better, stronger, and more capable of succeeding if we don’t first take a good look at who we are. I know the thought of being truthful with yourself is scary. No one wants to face that unfiltered side of ourselves. But at some point, we have to strip down everything that we’re hiding behind, and show our truth.

It’s hard to admit that sometimes we deal with issues that cause us to over or under-eat. It’s challenging to look at yourself in the mirror and see the person getting in your way. All because you’re ashamed of something that everyone experiences…… STRUGGLES.

It doesn’t matter what your struggle is. A struggle is a struggle…PERIOD!

You’ll stop being ashamed you can admit that;

  1. You’re not perfect
  2. You’re consistently inconsistent 
  3. You like snacks
  4. Doing squats aren’t your favorite thing to do
  5. Daily pep talks are occurring less and less
  6. You’re ashamed to FAIL AGAIN

However, when you can be honest with yourself, you’ll slowly begin to reach the goals you set. But you have to be direct and embrace what you are going through right now.

No one is sitting alone on the struggle bus. That thing is fully loaded, but everyone is wearing a mask. Take that thing off… wait, keep it on because of Covid. Stand six feet away, take the mask off, and brag about your struggles. Everything that you share and expose can help not only you but someone else.

People need people. We improve through the power of our own struggles as well as others. If we keep that fear of exposing ourselves locked up inside, we will remain exactly where we are currently.

Embrace your past struggles

Embrace your current struggles

Embrace your future struggles

Don’t be ashamed of them; because the beautiful thing is they make us stronger.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


23 Replies to “Embrace The Struggle”

  1. I particularly applaud your summation in a nutshell Belladonna:
    Embrace your past struggles
    Embrace your current struggles
    Embrace your future struggles
    Don’t be ashamed of them; because the beautiful thing is they make us stronger.
    My struggles have elevated me to a new level that blows me away sometimes. If you pay attention to the lessons our struggles teach us, then we will come out at the other end more empowered and enlightened than when we entered it. Thanks for sharing this all-important message about
    navigating through life! 😍 💐 🥰 💖 😘

    1. So glad you like it!!! It amazes me how many people are ashamed to admit that they are currently going through struggles or talk about past struggles.
      I love encouraging people to free themselves by talking about it. It’ll help them as well as others. No judgment here!!

  2. My mother always said, “Everything happens for a reason.” She never elaborated, so I had to figure out the meaning on my own. A few years ago, I finally understood the reason—our struggles strengthen us. I love your twist on the same idea—Embrace.

    1. I was like you when my mother and grandmother would say that. I didn’t understand what they meant until I matured. We were lucky to have women speak to us with words of wisdom. Not all their words were wise but……🤣

  3. Really great post! I think our struggles make us who we are and embracing them helps us love ourselves- even the parts of us that are difficult to love.

  4. So true. We hide our struggles a lot andwe all have a piece of struggle. They do make us stronger to.

    I’m currentlt struggling with my work, my social life not knowing if all is okay just to mention a few😏 but I’m sure ill get through them

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