The Best Advice You’d Give Your 18 Year-Old Self ~3 WORDS~

Would you please give me three words that you would tell your 18-year-old self?

I must say that narrowing it down to only three words was tough mainly because I would shake the crap out of myself and have a heart-to-heart that would last all day and night.

However, I managed to chop the all-nighter down to a quick;

“Believe In Yourself”

Your Next!


34 Replies to “The Best Advice You’d Give Your 18 Year-Old Self ~3 WORDS~”

  1. Difficult as you say. Eighteen year olds are so different due to their life experiences. Some are old and some are old. Some are terribly spoilt and others are roughed up.
    Some need gentle three words others a firmer word.
    Believe in yourself
    I think so too, be good to yourself. Be good and gentle.
    Come back home

      1. I guess we all have things we’d love to tell our younger selves.. But there’s so much good that would likely have never happened.
        Be well, Bella, I hope you’re having a wonderful week!

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