Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth

I could bore you and list all the benefits one by one.

But I’ll spare you all of that and tell you why I drink it and what it’s done for me.

Nine months ago, my husband stumbled across The Stan Efferding on Youtube. I have written about him several times here on my blog. I swear by all of his advice. And as a fitness guru, I read a lot of books and watch a number of videos about becoming the best version of me.

Stan is the best fitness guru that has stumbled in my life.

Why Bone Broth

My husband suffered from acid refluxand on the weekends, he would pop tums like it was his job, especially on Saturday mornings. 

You see, it all started in college. My husband and (then boyfriend) would get pizza every Friday night, and then as we got older, we added a few drinks to go with it. So every Saturday morning, my husband will feast on yummy flavored Tums (Not….they are disgusting).

But after watching Stan’s videos, my husband has tucked those Tums away and he now warms up one cup of bone broth. He drinks that every morning and feels like a new man.

Then I began drinking bone broth.

When I saw how bone broth turned him around, I turned to Stan to see if it would help my digestive system and MOOD. 

It did the job.

My digestive system is in check, and baby, let me tell you about my mood! I don’t know why but I have always been a moody person, and folks tend to get on my nerves. However, I can now tolerate most humans. And I give fewer eyerolls.

After my weight lifting session, I’ve also noticed that my joint and muscle pain eases up quickly. I’m 45, and I used to wake up with a new pain every damn day. In fact, my husband and I would wake up every day and say to each other;

“What’s aching on your old crusty body today”?

Two warm cups of Bone Broth

Every morning I jump up out of bed, run like a bat out of hell to my frigidaire. I get out my bone broth and heat two cups. I slowly sip it and feel those nutrients running through my body. Okay, maybe I don’t run downstairs, but I do indeed walk swiftly.

Please let me know if you try it out and tell me how you feel after being consistent for a week!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


11 Replies to “Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth”

    1. Yes you are exactly right! I also buy it already made. You can purchase it at every grocery store. I just added the pics that will tell you what’s in the pre made broth.

      1. Ah, thank you!! I did not want to assume it was what I thought it sounded like! I would never have thought of drinking it straight as a tonic but interesting to hear it seems effective as such!!

  1. Belladonna, this is a good find. I make my own broth around Thanksgiving or Christmas. After I finish with my whole turkey, I use the drippings from it, strip all of the meat off, and take all of the bones, add some water to it and boil the heck out of it. I add garlic, onions, and a little bit of ginger. That stuff will wipe out chest congestion, sore throats, etc. 😱 You can even freeze it if you need to for later. I still have two bags in my freezer from last year. If you want to use the turkey broth for other dishes, however, just strain the bones and other things from it and use it for soups, to sip on it to soothe the throat, and for other yummy dishes like ramen noodles. 😋

    You’re going old school there girlfriend! 😁 Those were some good natural, medicinal recipes we had growing up! You found yourself a winner there ladybug!!! 🏆 Glad to hear about the good results you got! 👍🏽 👩🏽‍🍳 👏🏽

    1. Okay now you have me ready for Thanksgiving dinner!!!!!! 🤣
      This stuff can have grow back a leg,arm or whatever else you need. LOL

      I love old school remedies because it was always made of natural things and it just made sense. Now a days there’s a pill for everything or medicine that doesn’t hit the issue to it’s entirety.

      1. Yeah, I know what you mean Belladona. I was brought up on old school remedies for a number of reasons, because there weren’t one million and one different pills to take for God only knows what. Plus, come to think of it, we were rarely sick or went to the doctor. Hmmmm…..

        I think you got the drift especially since you love to cook anyway…right??? 👩🏽‍🍳🍗🍽

      2. We weren’t ever sick either. That’s when parents and grandparents cooked instead of getting fast food all the time.

        Yes ma’am I love to cook and plus I like to budget and fast food is COSTLY!! Especially when trying to feed a full house😁

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