Prove Yourself Wrong

It’s so easy to give up and let your plans drift away like a warm summer breeze.

I don’t know why we talk ourselves out of good ideas and things that will change our life for the better. It’s funny how my clients will self-sabotage their weight loss journey. I’m telling you, it’s like clockwork, and I know when the self-sabotage will strike.

We are entering month three, and the weight is falling off, and muscle definition is pulling through. My client’s eating habits have changed, things are getting easier and more accessible to maintain. Then all of a sudden, doubt or fear kicks in; I’m not sure which one but one of them rears its ugly head. 

In any case, the time has come, and I am giving pep talk talks left and right, not wanting any of them to give up on the progress that we’ve made. I want them to prove themselves wrong and finish what they started.

Anyone can take a lighter road and have cosmetic surgery so they can reach the finish line a little faster. And by no means am I saying not to do that. I, however, only advise on how to get in shape the old fashion way. Believe it or not, you can control your food consumption on your own. You might need therapy or a coach that you can lean on, on bad days and quite often good days. But you can do it.

When I began my fitness journey after my third child, I felt hopeless. There I stood over 200 pounds and had no motivation insight. And when I started Weight Watchers and Beachbody, I saw my weight rapidly changing. When I reached 170 pounds, I began to doubt myself and was sure that I would not get my muscles back. I was scared to fell, so I chose to stop. Then I gave myself the talk.

For a short while, I was entirely in my head. 

But ultimately, I chose to prove that I could achieve my goal, and quitting wasn’t an option. 


Proving yourself wrong is the only option you have.

So what are you waiting on? Get up and get busy LIVING. It’s time to prove yourself wrong!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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