These Are The Good Ole Days

My kids were my inspirations for this post. I was looking at old family photos and asking myself did I enjoy those days? Did I know I was living in the good ole days?

And with confidence, I can say, mostly yes.

I often wonder how many people appreciate there today.

I always hear people excitedly expressing what tomorrow brings and always looking forward to the unknown. These are the same individuals that constantly post memories on Facebook or Instagram. 

And I’m left thinking, “did you enjoy that moment? Or do you like it now because it just dawned on you that those were the good ole days?

Ask yourself this; Are you living in the good ole days now, but you don’t realize it?

What I’ve learned in my life is that we are always looking forward to the next big thing. We are either counting down to Friday, that next big vacation, Christmas, kids moving out, a big promotion, graduation, etc. And all that counting down prevents us from living in the moment.

So what I have done and suggested to my clients is to discontinue the countdown routine. Focus on what today brings and live in the moment, and here’s how you can do just that.

How To Enjoy The Good Ole Days

Put your phone down~ Pay attention to the people that are right in front of you. Connect and engage in conversation.

So what it’s Monday~ What the hell is wrong with Monday? You’re alive, and you never know it may be your last, so enjoy it. Here you are counting down to Friday and may not live to see Tuesday.

Repeat Daily Positive Affirmation~Learing to love your current situation will only make your future self that much happier. We often base our happiness on what tomorrow may bring, which can cause us to overhype a problem—making your expectations high can result in a high level of disappointment.

Every day I am choosing to find some piece of enjoyment. I’m not expecting every moment of every day to be ideal. That would be ridiculous, and putting all of my energy into talking up tomorrow is even more outrageous.

Wasting time fantasizing about tomorrow will leave you missing out on the good ole days and wanting a do-over.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


22 Replies to “These Are The Good Ole Days”

  1. I loved your post!! I could never understand what’s wrong with Monday – of course I tried to understand their point of view, but still thought that is because of not taking responsibility for own life. It was just so many around me, all I could is not to live in judgement of them for my own joy of life. And exactly same thought I had about reminiscing memories – earlier the better we start enjoying our today ❣️

  2. As the family dynamic changes it becomes more and more frequent to look st the old pics and reminisce of days gone by. (On becoming a mature elder)
    Of course waking up in the moment and appreciating this time of being alive is very precious. Embracing the now.

  3. These are the days where we spend much time reminiscing on days gone by (definitely maturing into elderhood)
    Likewise it is electrifying to wake up to the ever present now

      1. That’s true! It’s just that sometimes we can beat ourselves up because we didn’t do what we needed to do and then carry that over to the present day. Instead focus on what we have control over and that’s only today.

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