#TWIO ~August 13th~

Okay, so the game didn’t go as planned. Or at least how we thought it was going to go.

All the fans that showed up at last week’s scrimmage were on pins and needles waiting for the game to start. We were in an uproar and ready for our boys to put the smackdown on these punks. 


We were left wanting to leave at halftime and drink away our problems.

So Here’s What Went Down

Our boys came out pumped up and running onto the field. The fans were screaming at the tops of their lungs, and everyone had a smile plastered on their face. We started off going hard! Then all of a sudden, there was a shift on the field. The coach took out my son and the other starters, and I was floored. 

Like the coach, have you been smoking crack?

From there, the game went speeding downhill like a freight train. We gave up a touchdown, and then another, and THEN ANOTHER. LONG STORY short, we lost 35-0. We didn’t score, not one dog on point. 

Repeat of 2019

I was frightened that we were going to have another losing season. And I was hoping that we would do as well as we did last year, if not better. 

We Gathered Around

At the end of the game, a few parents and I were staring a each other with the most devastating look. You would think we had just seen a horror movie that left us too scared to move or breathe. 

After a long awkward silence, my friend said what the “F*CK just happened”.

We all burst into laughter and said, “We have no idea. 

At this point, we were pleading with God to make the pain go away and stay away. But the red flag for us should’ve been that the starters didn’t play much. So our coach couldn’t have been out there to win.

When my son hugged us after the game, he was joking around and in the best mood. And he confirmed that this game was treated as another practice. Coach wanted the newer boys to get the feel of performing during the time the actual games take place.

But tonight is different. The scrimmage that will take place in 6 hours is FULL GO!

So with that being said, I am ready to yell, scream, cheer and lose my voice.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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