When You’re a Little Touched

I think my yard man thinks I’m a little touched!

For those that may not know what that means, I provided the results of my google search. 

What does it mean when someone says you’re a little touched?

1: Emotionally stirred (as with gratitude) 

2: Slightly unbalanced mentally

Or we can say what it really means “Someone who is out of their damn mind”! And that would be me.

I’m a very excitable person, and I jump around a lot when I’m talking. How do I explain this without sounding to CRAY CRAY? Okay, I think I got it.. I’m animated. However, I am reticent if I’m around people that I don’t know. Sike! I am who I am all the time, and today my yard man received a little taste of that.

So usually, my husband or my son will tend to the yard. But with my husband’s new job, he doesn’t quite have the time, and my son is 100% into his football world. And my job, which I enjoy, is to keep my garden going. Which, by the way, is going amazingly.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve picked all the weeds in our yard and needed the grass cut and edged in the worst way. So when I saw my neighbor getting her yard done, I threw my broom down and ran outside like a “touched person.”

I began waving my arms around and slightly jumping in the air while wearing sweat pants with old pink paint stains all over them. I had noxema on my face, and black hair dye that requires 25 more minutes before I rinse is now dripping down my face. 

The owner of the company jumped down from his mower and was laughing hysterically. He said, “Hi ma’am, how can I help you.” As we walked around my property, I explained what I needed to be done to win yard of the month! Geesh, I’m so sick of my yard not being picked.

He looked at my backyard and pointed out the grassless area, and he said, “Do you dance a lot in the backyard.? 

I started moving my arms in the air and said YASSSSSSS. I added, and also my kids are like monkeys and destroyed this area.

So then I thought he told me that I need to throw a party. Well, at the time, that suggestion made sense. My yard is a nice size, and because of Covid, I haven’t had a party in such a long time.

Well, when he said that, I jumped up in the air and said, “OMG, you have no idea how badly I need to throw a party and have a good time. The confused look in his eyes made me say, “Ummm, maybe I didn’t hear you right. Can you please repeat?

He said, “Yes, I told you you should build a bigger porch!

That sounds nothing like throw a party. So, in conclusion, maybe I am a little touched. And I’m okay with that.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. That was so funny! I watched my next door neighbor do exactly the same with my gardener – “Sir, Sir! I am definitely touched but especially this week. 😂

    1. My fellow touched sister!!! 🤣
      So you can’t totally visualize this story but hopefully your neighbor pulled herself together a little better than I did! 😂

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