#TWIO…The Wait Is Over

Today marks 8 months, 22 days, 21 hours, 8 minutes, and 20 seconds since my son’s last football game. Not that I’m keeping track or anything.

Today is a big deal! They’re having their first scrimmage tonight to kick off the season, and I could not be more pumped for my son and his teammates. Last season they came back after a horrific season, they went 0-10, and I swear every game felt like a funeral. School spirit from the students was absent from the scene, and the parents sat there with little motivation to cheer.

Then Coach Watson showed up and replaced the DEAD beat of a “coach.” He brought his staff with him and rewrote our football program!

He brought the game back to life and reshaped the boy’s minds. He made them believe that they could be the best, but they have to show up and put in blood, sweat, and tears. And they did just that. But first, they had to get the nasty taste of last season out of their spirit. They ended the 2020 season 5-5.

Even though they did better than the prior year, they were still left hungry and starving for more.

In one year, my son went from not liking football (which shook me because I never thought I would hear him say that) to wanting to bulk up and put his best attempt forward to play college ball. So my husband and I told him to “say less.” We gotcha covered.

He went from 220 pounds to 265 pounds of pure muscle!

We had to buy an additional refrigerator to meal prep adequately, but it was worth every penny. My husband trained with him every weekend and in the evenings during the week.

Every week I noticed a new piece of equipment added to our workout room. What used to be a dining room now looks like a total fledge gym, which is fine with me because it was wasted space. No one ever ate in there. So I with pleasure I removed all the furniture.

We dedicated our summer to football camp after football camp. We were leaving many miles and states between us and home. He thanked us all summer and, when asked by family, “E2, do your parents revolve around your packed schedule?”

He responded quickly with a “YES.”

He added, “I take up A LOT of their time.”

Not one day went by where he didn’t hug me and tell me he loved me. I know he does, but it sure does melt my heart to hear it.

We don’t know his future with football, so I’m glad his grades are top-notch, and he is in AP classes (advanced placement). But I know his heart is aching for college ball, so I pray that God will show him and guide him whatever is best for him.

But today, we enjoy the first game of his LAST season of high school football.

I’m not crying. You are!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


19 Replies to “#TWIO…The Wait Is Over”

  1. Wow so exciting😊 this made my heart full with joy and pride and happiness ✨ what a precious bond that is family ❣️ Wishing him nothing less than the best 🌈

  2. This week, I’ve see a large number of ex-NFL players out and about in my area as the NFL prepares to induct 2 classes (last year’s class on Sat evening, this year’s class on Sun evening) into the NFL Pro Football Hall Of Fame. Your son could be here one of these days …… the best of the best ……. I hope he has a HEALTHY and amazing season!

  3. I know you’re a proud momma Belladonna! 🤗 Kind of bittersweet isn’t it? But you’ve taught him well and soon he’ll be spreading his wings, remembering the lessons you taught him and the lessons he actually learned. 👏🏼💯🙏🏼

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