Look Down and Carry a Big Stick

Today was an odd day.

I thought about my grandfather a lot, and it brought me joy. It’s funny how working out and eating clean can bring about good emotions. I’m already an emotional person but eating well makes it worse. But in a good way.

It doesn’t take much to make me cry.

I can see someone cry, and I’ll start to tear up. And I don’t have to know who you are or why you’re crying. The waterworks will start, and then I want to hug you and squeeze until you feel better.

I digress!

Today I was in my feelings, and my mind couldn’t move away from all the beautiful memories of my grandfather. Geesh, I loved that man. He could light up a room with his presence, and he had a smile that would go right to your heart. He was the one man that I looked up to, and I thought he would live forever. At least that’s what I hoped.

Not only was he a freakin light, but he had the best luck. He would find money on every walk we went on.

I remember going for walks with him, and he would always find the perfect stick to carry. When we walked past bushes and anything that needed to be moved, he would use his big stick that he found and move it. Grandpa would let me go through first, and then he would quickly follow. As we walked, he would tell stories that made me forget how miserable I was before showing up at his house.

He would always look down at the ground as he told me stories and swipe at the overly grown grass as we passed by. One day I asked him why he always looked down while we walked and talked and why does he always find a big stick to carry?

I’ll never forget his response.

He said….

There are snakes everywhere, and they’re expecting you to walk by with your guard down. When they see you, they’ll be ready to bite and kill you—kind of like people. So never let your guard down and be prepared for the unexpected.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


17 Replies to “Look Down and Carry a Big Stick”

  1. Belladonna, I am like you…a big ole cry baby! 😥 Your grandfather sounds like he was such a wonderful person with a wonderful spirit. Great lesson…never let your guard down and be prepared for the unexpected…those slithering, slimy snake people. 😜 Excellent wisdom! 👏🏼🙏🏼🤜🏽🤛🏽 Thanks for sharing such a profound reminder! 💖

    1. Thank you!!!! I miss that man sooooooo much! I’ve never gotten over his death and don’t think I ever will. Talking about him makes him feel alive

      1. Feeling alive is a powerful attribute Belladonna. 💞 Lessons from your grandfather are so very personal and you are so blessed to have had such a wonderful and loving relationship with him. He’s smiling down on you from heaven! 🤗🙏🏼💖 He taught you and I know he’s proud that you are keeping up with that tradition of teaching others! How wonderful!!! 😍🌞🤩

  2. Wonderful, Grandpa left his memories and he lives on in you! ‘there is a comfort from having known love, than to never had known it. I never met my grandfather, but I would always imagine what he might say. You don’t have to do that! What a blessing

    1. Yes that does bring me comfort. My kids are like you and they will never know their Grandparents the way I new mine.
      Breaks my heart because they add so much knowledge to hour lives.

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