Lift Like a Lady…. Walk Like a Boss

I remember being a youngin and sitting in my 3rd-period class. I used to hate that period because some over-opinionated males happen to be mediocre athletes.

They would often look at my legs and say how they were bigger than their legs. They said it in an “ewwwwww” kind of tone. After a while, it brought my confidence down and made me stop doing squats or anything else that made my muscles more prominent. They would tease me and say that I looked like a man. 

I pride myself on defending myself, but when you’re outnumbered, you tend to sink in your chair. I wanted to become invisible or somehow gain a superpower that would allow me to kick all of their bony asses at once.

Why do we have this misconception that muscles make you look manly?

Ya, know women can have muscles and still be soft and feminine! Not to mention the majority of men that I know are muscleless. Therefore making the “you look like a man” make little to no sense.

Train For Gains

It’s time to rethink how we treat our bodies and how we train. Often women choose to focus on losing weight, losing weight, losing weight. That is the main focus, and it sucks. We put all of our energy into going without major nutrients because we want to lose a few pounds. And after a few headaches, grumpy days, and unfocused mine, you might drop a few pounds. 

BUT……. how do you feel?

Don’t even bother to answer that!

I know you may think you look better because the scale has dropped a few digits, but there is no way that you feel good.

How could you? 

Muscles are not just for MEN.

Ladies, we have to eat and pick up those weights. It’s time to lift heavy shit and train like a beast! If you want to train hard, then you have to EAT. Our bodies can not and will not function at the level they should if we spend our entire lives counting calories. And stop choosing all the wrong foods that won’t help your muscles heal so they can grow. 

We have to erase the misconception that lifting heavy will make you look like a man. 

Benefits of Weight lifting 

Boost metabolism

Increase weight loss

Improves posture

Improves the quality of your sleep

But the main benefit is how powerful you’ll feel. Weights make you wish someone would try to attack you so you can squeeze the life out of them with your thighs and kick a hole in the center of their chest. 

And then walk away like a lady!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


29 Replies to “Lift Like a Lady…. Walk Like a Boss”

      1. You are a profound lady with style, diction, and class, and you are a woman with priceless writing talent and studying your pictures displayed demonstrates the obvious, the you possess the 3bs, body, beauty, and brains and I say those things and values from a poetic perspective +!

  1. Yes! The music, though!!! I love this! It’s a positive message for many of us who actually went through the same thing. I’m a former athlete and I have always been broad-shouldered with thick, muscular thighs. I’ve heard it all. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Yes I love that music😍
      Girl as black women we have heard it all! Our shape was to shapely and I was so ashamed of that.
      You better strut with those shoulders and thighs😍

  2. I love this! I am focusing on losing weight right now because I have to after body comp analysis, but once that is done, I’m going to transition to muscle growth. Excellent post and insecure dudes suck! You look strong and beautiful!

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