Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat

You can eat so many different foods that will give you the charge you need to kill your workout. And there is a wide variety of pre-workout drinks that you can gulp down 30 minutes before training.

Because we all train at different times of the day, food choice is essential, unless your “The Rock” and get up consistently at 5 AM.

But if you’re not like that, then join the rest of us. We bounce around from early in the morning, late in the evening, and everything in between. Therefore causing a tad bit of confusion as to what should be consumed before training.

Some clients have told me that they ate as little as an apple or fasting before doing cardio. I do this when I work out as soon as my feet hit the ground. I’ve also been told that prework out is okay to drink in the late evening and doesn’t disrupt sleep. I wouldn’t do it, but do whatever floats your boat.

I’ve switched from consistently working out first thing in the morning to mid and then dropped off to late at night throughout my life. When you have a busy and ever-changing life, your training schedule has to fit in wherever it can. However, the one thing that has to be consistent is my eating.

For instance, if I’m lifting heavy, I know that I must be mindful of the number of carbohydrates and protein I take in. Going light will leave me feeling dizzy and ready to crash when I lift. And I do just the opposite if I’m focusing on cardio. My cardio sessions last anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes. I have to have a close to an empty stomach, or all the food will rise up.

Then there are days that I know zero training will take place (recovery days). I focus on small light meals. I know that I don’t have to eat on those days compared to the amount I eat on training days.

Overall the best thing to do is listen to your body, drink plenty of water and educate yourself on the foods that fuel your body. Get plenty of rest and cut the phone and T.V off to ensure a good night’s rest.

Without recovery, you will not see GAINS and without consistency you’re wasting your time.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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