Stop Being Easy

It’s EASY!

Set some standards for yourself and have some self-respect.

Some may think my title is harsh, and that’s okay. My personality is a bit harsh, and when I’m trying to educate teens, I don’t tap dance around a topic. I tend to give it to them straight, especially if you’re my daughter.

I refuse to raise a child and think that her main asset is her body!

Yes, I believe that you should take care of your body inside and out, but that’s so you can live a longer and happier life. Not so you can start a “Fans Only Page.” Any brainless tweet can do that, but how many can go to college on an entire ride, get a 3.75 GPA at a competitive school, become a teenager author, and get chosen to be President of the Society of Women Engineering.

You can’t accomplish that by lying on your back and trying to please every Tom, Dick, and Harry, that’s looking for a good time.

I began preaching to my daughters at a young age about self-worth. I needed them to know that they need to be picky about how they treat their body. Don’t think for one second that I stopped there. My son was taught the same thing!

Our boys need to be taught to keep it zipped just as badly as our girls.

When I was growing up, I would watch how guys laughed at certain girls when they walked into a room.

You think they were laughing at their outfits or the shoes they were wearing. Of course not! Their immature nasty little butts were making fun of the good time they had just experienced with them.

Laughter emerged because of the stories they shared about these girls. Some of the stories were most definitely exaggerated or flat-out lies, but none the less some were true. I remember this one girl emphatically saying she has zero regrets about how many boys she’s been with because, after all, she is still a virgin.

Oral sex doesn’t count as sex. Right?

Yes!!!! Yes, it does count.

She was on boy number 13 when she realized that it counted and came to grips about not being as innocent as she once claimed to be. It was her lips that got her those dates and not her bouncy dark hair and piercing blue eyes. Shocker!

After her discovery, she shrunk in shame and lowered her head because of all the teasing.

I never want any girl to be that girl.

When you walk into a room, make sure you can hold your head up high. Because as women, we are judged and ridiculed for sexual acts more than men. Like it or not, that’s the way it is. However, women should be more particular about getting serious with a promiscuous male too.

But this post is for my ladies. So ladies, respect yourself enough to put more meaningful things on your to-do list. Accomplish goals that require you to keep yourself fully clothed and leaving both feet on the ground.

Pick up a book and work your mind, not your bootie!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. Yasss! You nailed it, girl! Those guys were laughing because easy girls come a dime a dozen. Rare is the girl who has the self-respect to treat her body like a temple and not give it up so easily, and who seeks a quality man who’ll admire her when she says she wants to wait. Thank you for this post! It’s going to help so many girls. ❤🙂🤗

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