Sex and Insecurities

If all you have to offer is sex and insecurities, then you will be forever alone!

Over the years, I have had the pleasure to meet many women, but one sticks out like a sore thumb. She was a maniac when it came to sex. As soon as she met a man, she would allow his every fantasy to come true. The relationship would last for a short while, and just like all the other men, he, too, would soon be gone. She was once again alone with her insecurities and high sex drive.

Too often, she played the role of a woman that loved to watch sports and have sex. I’m not sure if she liked to watch sports or liked saying she wanted to watch sports. In hopes of seeming like the “cool girlfriend,” and then she had high hopes of keeping a man interested if she threw “I love sex, I could do it all day” into the equation. But that still left her….well, alone.

She stuck out to me because of her age. When we are teenagers, we make misguided and irrational decisions.

Our twenties are a little better.

Our thirties are even better.

And by the time we make it to our forties, we should have it all the way together. Well, maybe we are still figuring out a few things about ourselves, but having sex with every man with a heartbeat shouldn’t be a part of your lifestyle. But if it is, don’t complain to others about being alone.

I remember one time she asked me if she looked desperate. And with a straight face, I said, not only do you look desperate, but you look foolish.

Sex might spice up a new connection, but it won’t keep you connected.

Talking, engaging, ironing out all your insecurities will get you to where you want to be in a relationship. Being genuine and honest about who you are and the things you like will take you both to the next level.

It’s okay if you have a high sex drive, but we aren’t animals; you don’t have to hump every leg you see.


You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


10 Replies to “Sex and Insecurities”

  1. And I agree and a good point for women to ponder is that men who live with women brings nothing to the table but sex and insecurities and the majority of the women elevate sex and insecurities over men bringing security to the table, and this proves that the majority of women crave that cock over and beyond stability and love being played by their man!

  2. Great point, but it’s not easy to just “give it up” cold turkey. Sometimes a woman is so engrossed in her “identity” that she needs deep analysis in order to help her move away from old behavioral triggers. However, brining this to her attention was the right decision by you and my hope is that she heard you and began to analyze her life choices. Thank you for sharing this!

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