Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day~ Neither Was A Bikini Body

If you get a group of women together, I guarantee you will hear them list all the things they need to change before summer.

They will express exhaustion just thinking about how long it will take to slim down their thighs, hips, stomach, and arms.
I have clients that are putting their all into a 1 1/2 hour workout for a few weeks. They get downright giddy about pounds dropping off. Then month 2 arrives, weight loss slows down, and disappointment sets in.
But here’s the thing when your weight loss slows down.

You should not get frustrated….. adjust your workouts!
Your body is getting used to what you are doing, and it’s time to amp up the workout and change your workout routine altogether. Not to mention, you may want to switch up what you are eating and the times you are eating it.

For my clients as well as myself, I have a cut-off time in place for dinner. I have my dinner at or before 7:00, and I keep an apple by my bed if I feel a little snacky at night while I’m finishing up a little work. The apple takes the edge right off, and I remain clear about my summer vision!

When I wake up in the morning, I avoid the scale because my weigh-in day is on Monday, and I’m not interested in what that little demon has to show me. If I step on that scale, and it doesn’t give me what I want, then my mood will shift, and I’ll feel like giving up.  So instead, I choose to enjoy the process and not put to much pressure on myself.

Like I previously stated, feeling frustration is normal, but I urge you to not feel this way. Know that it takes time to create something amazing. It will take time to lose weight if you are doing it safely!

Anyone can starve themselves and lose 10- 15 pounds, but the real struggle sets in when you are trying to maintain that weight loss. So please, please, please let 2021 be the year that you take it slow and love each stage of your ever-changing body and remember this one thing…

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a bikini body.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


6 Replies to “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day~ Neither Was A Bikini Body”

  1. I added a medicine ball to my band workouts and that amped things up a bit for me. Today… I am trying some weights at the gym for the first time. I am more about building muscle and losing body fat than losing weight. I don’t weigh myself lol but go by how I look and feel and how my clothes fit. Seeing my muscles grow keeps me motivated… but it has been like 15 months in the making… and counting. Quick fixes always backfire. Slow and steady. I have been building my “bikini body” for quite a while and only now am I starting to see it. 😊🌷 💪

    1. This is awesome! You’re doing it right and yes it takes time but that makes it so much much sweeter when you see results. Keep up the good work🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

      1. Thank you! The muscle gains are seriously motivating. Plus I have gotten to the point where missing a workout doesn’t feel good. The high makes me feel so alive. Fitness and taking care of and being in the body is an incredible feeling. 🙌 Thank you for your posts. You’re a breathe of fresh air!

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