~Parents Do You Agree~

Oh the things we will do because of love!

Not only did I give you life

But I continue to feed you too

I’m your nurse, therapist, teacher

Uber driver, chef, maid, body guard

number one fan and your doctor too

I will sit in the sun and watch you chase your dreams

Constantly give you pep talks

Making sure you keep your head in the game

Oh the things we will do

Seating in the sun

Sweating enough to fill up a gallon or two while I watch you do what you do

Complaining in my head but never out loud

Due to fear of discouraging you

Whenever you look back

Right here is where I will always be

Poem inspired by my son’s nonstop summer football camps. We have traveled thousands of miles this month for our son and hitting the road again tomorrow.

Thank you for reading!

You could have chosen any blog to read but you chose mine and I’m honored


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