Love Is A Risk Worth Taking

We all have a fear of something!

Most of us have several things that make our knees weak and leave us with our anxiety on high. You know the feeling. Your palms are sweating, your heart is beating so hard that you can feel it in your ears.

Right when you think your heart can’t handle another second, you suddenly get light-headed. Then everything becomes a blur.

Heights…. heights make me feel that way. Not having an answer to something that’s hurting the one I love makes me feel that way. Not being able to help relieve pain that’s crippling his soul makes me feel that way.

The fear of being without him makes me feel that way.

I knew that I loved him the first time I kissed him, but I know now that that feeling wasn’t love.

It was admiration.

The admiration cultivated into lasting love. The type of love that I feared. I feared being led astray and left with my chest wide open. Exposing my weaknesses and diminishing my strength.

But I know that getting hurt is the risk you have to take in order to find love. I’m glad I took the risk and faced my fears. And walked into love!

I Love Him Because……

I love him because he’s cocky

I love him because he’s a student as well as a teacher

I love him because he’s brilliant

I love him because he’s looking at me while I’m looking at him

I love him because when he walks by me he touches my arm

I love him because his word is his word

I love him because his truth hurts but it feels good

I love him because he tells me what I need to hear

I love him because he pushes me to be his equal or higher

I love him because he loves me as much as I love myself

You make me feel like I’m enough

Love is a risky option, but I’ll choose it every time.

Are you willing to take the risk?

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. You guys are such a lovely couple! And I love the fact that you’re dressed alike–very throwback-ish. Yes! Love is such a beautiful thing.

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