Crowded Places

I never really reacted to well in a crowded place. 

Following behind others’ hopes and dreams, afraid to be seen as an individual or different, if you will. Always living behind the shadows of those you admire until they disappoint you with revealing their insecurities and guilty pleasures. During their reveal, you realize they’re human, nothing special. Just a mediocre gutless, spineless mortal that too chooses to hide in crowded places. 

So I advise you to step away from the crowd and find out who you are.

I remember being a kid and looking up to and worshiping this one individual. I can’t even put into words how I felt when I saw them fall and burst into flames right before my eyes. Their ashes fell to my feet, and I gently stepped over them and made a promise to myself. I swore that I would never feel that level of disappointment again. I distanced myself from all crowded places.

Working on you becomes satisfying and complete when you separate yourself from all the unnecessary noise. Some may view you as reclusive, but you function more effectively without drivel.

 Once I evacuated from the crowded place, I could breathe and see all the perfections that I carry. I stopped telling myself that I’m not good enough, but I’m worthy. Crowded places will have you guessing your self-worth, and hesitation becomes your companion. Until you remove yourself, you can’t help but compare and compete. Which, in return, will more times than not end in disappointment. But with space, you will learn that the best competition is you vs. you.

With self-growth and maturity, crowded places are just that. Crowded and leaving you without room to grow into being your hero.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


22 Replies to “Crowded Places”

  1. Yes, beware of heroes with feet of clay 😉 You have been on a seriously introspective streak of late ad this is another great post. Hope you folk are keeping safe and happy! 🙂

    1. That’s a good one!!! Yes I guess I have 😁 I’ve just stepped back and centered myself. Feels good with less chaos. Stay safe my friend and always an honor that you support my blog💕

  2. What a wonderful and glorious writing on this day. I totally enjoyed watching you unpack all the areas of crowded places, it can turn into a slum if we are not careful.
    I just burst out laughing when i opened my mail and read your headline…
    (Some may view you as reclusive, but you function more effectively without drivel.)
    Lol….how did you manage to articulate the situation like that. It’s really an art to turn feelings, reflections and truths into words. You did just that…

  3. “To fine out who we are we must become introverts through taking inventory of self,
    once finding oneself we know what direction we are traveling in,to
    attain our goals, and obtain success and happiness.”
    _-Van Prince

    *Priceless post, profound writer*

  4. Ah, a beautiful post as always, Belladonna. This is so true. I had a similar experience with creating boundaries, and am still working on it….the clarity of mind is amazing once you remove yourself from crowded, and or, toxic contexts. Lovely, my friend. ❤️

      1. Thank you, my friend. That means a lot to me. It’s been hard, yet very much worth it, and I’ve grown a lot. Have a lovely week, Belladonna.

  5. beautiful song for a beautiful piece <3 Our individual selves are the only things we should compare to and compete with, lest we get confused in the crowd of other confused humans.

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