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Another Cringe moment!

Yesterday I wrote about The Worst Lines Ever Created.

So today, I decided to bring more cringe moments. I hate this one thing so much that I warned my girls about this. I told them to stay away from guys who approach you and act as if they are a spokesperson for all things “sexy”.

Okay, are you ready for that one thing I hate?

Here it is…

The “LL Cool J” licking your lips trend.

I don’t know who told men that this was a good idea, but they were wrong for doing so. I want to scream every time I see a man trying to look suave by slowly licking his lips. It takes everything I have not to say…

PLEASE GO GET CHAPSTICK, because you look desperate!

Unfortunately, I can think of occasions where I was having dinner with friends and having the best time. Then here comes a guy taking it upon himself to have a seat at our table and look deep into my eyes while licking his lips. I quickly say before you say a word, I’m married, so lick your lips somewhere else. No other conversation happens at this point because the look on my face runs them right off.

Women, do you think men licking their lips is sexy? Is that a turn-on or turn-off?

I wish the trend would end because, to me, this isn’t sexy. Having wet lips in my face is not an option that I would entertain.

One day, a long time ago, myself and a couple of girlfriends were out to dinner at a local pub. And we noticed that a few men sitting at a table across from us kept looking over at us. So after a while, I looked in their direction, and one of the men licked and bit his bottom lip. I think my eyes rolled so hard that my right eye was almost stuck for good.

But I quickly recovered because my friends dared me to go over to their table and act like the type of men we despise. They know I’m always in for a joke/prank, so I accepted the dare. I walked over with my slow mac daddy vibes and pulled up a chair (without asking). When I sat down, I began rubbing my hands together and slowly licking my lips.

And I said ya’ll looking real good tonight are any of you single?

I turned them off instantly; their whole vibe towards me changed. I saw eye rolls, and a look of disbelief flooded on their faces.

I couldn’t hold in my laughter because my friends started to giggle. They didn’t think I would take it that far. So when I heard them chuckle, and before I broke character to severely, I stood and said, “I’ll let you pretty little things continue with your meal.”

When I returned to my table, we all had the best laugh. And of course, the men saw us laughing, so before they left, they approached our table and with a grin.

They said, “were you trying to act like a guy”.

I laughed and said, “YES wasn’t I so annoying.”

The one man who bit and licked his lips at me had the nerve to say, “I was turned off when you started licking your lips .” I told him, “you have a lot of nerve because you bit and disgustingly licked your lips at me first.

My girlfriends and I concluded our conversation with them by letting them know licking their lips is a huge turn-off, and when you do that, all we see is….

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


41 Replies to “Trend, Cringe, Stop It Men”

  1. I don’t think it’s sexy. But right now sexy to me is someone who unloads the dishwasher and mops the floor, so you might not want my opinion of sexy….

      1. I’ve heard the saggy pants thing is used in prison to let the other inmates know they are available. I don’t know how the style became so popular with hetrosexual males.

      2. I think it is just a style thing. The sad part is most of these young guys don’t know the history behind the trend.

      3. They just think it looks cool and portrays them as “tough guys” I feel like yanking them down and kicking them over.They won’t be able to chase you 😁😆

      4. saggy pants being worn below youths asses
        originated fro Hip Hop, the most profound gem in the entertainment industry,
        and the saggy pants wassupposed to be confined only to the stage in tune
        to hip hop rap lyrics and music no more and no less, but street kids
        took it in public and now you know ‘whoever’ howsaggy pants became public
        which is a negative thing!

      5. “Tattoos *&* saggy pantsare 1st cousins!!”_-Van Prince

        I thought tattoos were only a trend and look stylish on the lighter skin people, but tattoos don’t come out good on people with dark skin!

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