The Worst Lines Ever Created

Do you have a go-to line when confessing your love?

If you have ever said any of the following lines, let me be the first to tell you to STOP!

You complete me
This is my better half
I’m nothing without you
I can’t breathe without you
I don’t ever want to lose you
You make me whole
You swept me off my feet

Please jump in with a line you hate.

Okay, let me tell you why I’m not too fond of these lines. Correction, let me tell you why I hate these lines, and yes, I said HATE. And I mean just that.

For starters, they are corny, overused, a bit dramatic, and, need I say, pretentious.

Over it!

I find it hard to believe that you will stop breathing if your person leaves your life. You might be devastated for a while, but trust and believe you will still have breath. All you need to do is give yourself a LITTLE time, especially if you are young. A little time is all you need, and you will forget all about little Becky or Chad.

I’m nothing without you, You complete me, and You make me whole are all equally over the top mainly because you should come into a relationship whole. If you aren’t, you won’t make level-headed decisions. Now it’s one thing to say you make me better. I believe the right people can and will do that. In fact, you shouldn’t engage with anyone that can’t offer you hope. Striving to better is a goal worth having.

Don’t even get me started on you complete me. Are you kidding me? That line should be buried just like his marriage with Nicole Kidman, oh and the time Tom jumped on Oprah’s couch because he was in “love”again. Let’s destroy those cringe moments.


So when you decide to confess your love to someone, it’s always a good idea to show them how you feel. Words are just words; anyone can say them.

Show me love!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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