Do You Know The Pledge Of Allegiance

Every morning is the same for me (I love a routine).

I get up, drink 28 ounces of water and head out the door to take my daughter to school. I then come home, make a cup of coffee, open up Youtube and watch the short (10-13 min) clips of Jimmy Kimmel, Steven Colbert, and Seth Myers as I make beds.

Well, this morning, as I watched Jimmy Kimmel, I could not stop laughing because he showed a clip of Micheal Flynn getting his crowd excited and stressing that everyone has to get up and say, “The PledgeAllegiance. ” And as he began to say it, he messed up the entire pledge, so the crowd took over and finished it as he stood there looking like his usual repugnant self.

Then Jimmy Kimmel took it to the streets to see how many people could recite the pledge independently. Needless to say, the majority of them were tongue-tied and slaughtered the pledge.

And this got me thinking!

How many people can recite the Pledge on their own? I mean, it’s easy to say it with a crowd of folks, but on your own is a different story. I have to admit that after hearing everyone jack it up, I began to get a little confused myself.

But I quickly recovered!

After watching his show, I googled the Pledge so I could share it with anyone who may have forgotten it. It’s not like we say it daily unless you’re still in school. Therefore it’s easy to mess up a few words. Don’t get me wrong; I am NOT giving Flynn a free pass because it was his idea to recite it, so he should know it.

Here is the Pledge before the words “under God” were added and the meaning for each line. I love that his teacher took the time to give each line meaning. So that you could feel the words as you say them.

If you don’t know who “Red Skelton” is, then you should definitely check him out.

Now let’s add God in this!

You could have chosen a blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


13 Replies to “Do You Know The Pledge Of Allegiance”

      1. That they were not American. Apparently, the school took the pledge very seriously and said that as non-Americans they should not say it. I kinda see the reasoning but young kids like to fit in and there’s nothing like being told not do so something to make you feel separated from your friends. Gahh.

      2. That is disgusting! They need to read the meaning of the words.

        I agree, kids want to fit in and not stand out! Sorry that happened to them… just unnecessary

      3. Yes, it was one of those things that I remember at the time thinking; “what harm can it do for them to say it?” Unfortunately, some folk like to preach inclusiveness but are less assiduous in practising it.

  1. Great post. Red Skelton is an Indiana native. There is a comedy museum in Vincennes dedicated to him. We planned to go there before COVID closed everything down last spring. Rooster and I plan to make the trip in the near future. I always thought he was funny.

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