Let’s Talk Potatoes

Let’s talk potatoes!

A couple of weeks ago, I explained how important it is to take 10 minutes walks after each meal 10 Minute Walks ~Down 10 POUNDS~.

So today, I am back to explain why potatoes are beneficial to your diet. All of my information comes from the one and only Stan Efferding; he is the “World’s Strongest Pro Body Builder”.

If you are like me and thought that incorporating potatoes in my diet would cause you to gain weight, then you were wrong!

Are you shocked?

Most of my clients are when I tell them this. Hell, I was speechless when I learned this valuable information. Whenever I went on a strict diet, potatoes were the first thing out of the window. Over my many years of being a trainer/coach, I thought they were detrimental to my weight loss goals. I feared them and would only consume them on holidays or if I made fries, and my guilt would set in. That guilt made me feel like I gained 10 pounds and demolished my diet plan.

However, I have now discovered that throwing a cross and holy water on potatoes is old-school thinking. A potato is not made to be feared. Thinking that you may gain weight because of eating a potato is not factual. We need to embrace the potato and welcome them into your daily lifestyle.

Here’s why!

Benefits of having a potato Everyday

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

If you checked the box for any of the above items, you need to run to the store…Don’t walk, RUNNNNNNNNN! And when you make it to the store, don’t overthink your decision of which potato to buy.

Purchase a variety because your chances of getting sick of eating the same style of potato every day are extremely high. After a couple of weeks, you will grow tired of that type of potato and toss it to the wind.

Take a look at the daily recommended amount of potassium (figure 2). That number may seem difficult to reach, but adding a potato, carrots, oranges, and spinach to your diet will assist in eliminating any of the above (figure 1) and jump-start your metabolism.

I am in the over 40 club. And because of that, I have begun to take my health to another level. There are things in life that we can’t control, but choosing the right foods is completely in our control. The proper nutrients will give you fuel to accomplish your to-do list promptly, and you will feel magnificent at the same time.

It’s time to take our health seriously and try to live as long as possible!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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