~CONFESSION ~ The Movie I Cry To

Do you have a movie that you put on just so you can cry?

Sometimes I have to let it all out, and I have a few movies that I put on to get the party started. So I figured I would reach out and ask what your go-to film is?

And there is zero shame in knowing that some of us like to cry. It feels good to release any anxiety or frustration that you may be feeling. We are human and can only take so much before we feel like we might pop! And getting out a good cry can solve most problems. Putting on a good or should I sad song is a go-to as well.

However, it’s something about watching something sad take place that helps me get out a LOUD, ugly cry. Ya, know the type of cry that makes your face curl up. And tears turn into what feels like a tsunami.

OHHHH, that’s the best!

I’m also guilty of fast-forwarding to the good part and then going back to the beginning so I can start fresh.

Without further a do!


My go-to movie is Endgame. If you aren’t aware, the Endgame is an Avenger movie, and yes, judging by the title, it was the last one of the series. And OMG… it was GOOD! I don’t want to spoil anything, so all I will say is get to know the avengers by watching all the movies and then watch this one.

Now it’s your turn: Please share with me;


It’s so important to grow a love for them, and after that’s reached, tears will fall!

And tell me why?

I’m thinking about making this post into a Podcast so we can have a good chat.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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