I Didn’t See You

It is possible to spend your entire life not seeing the person that’s right in front of you?

The one thing I don’t ever want to do again, is take my loved ones for granted.

Having people or a person in your life that will go to war for you is rare. The majority of people that you meet will not have your back. They will be present for the days that are good, celebratory days. But not the days that count, you know the days that leave you desperate for someone to hear you.

It’s easy to be a good time friend but what about on the days that you’re feeling broke and shattered within?

Where are they then?

I felt you 

I heard you 

But I didn’t see you 

I walked what felt like a thousand miles and never once realized that you were beside me.

I heard you

I felt you

But I didn’t see you

I fell to my knees crying begging God to save me and you did the same never letting me cry alone

And by the grace of God 

I heard you

I felt you

I saw you

I forever need you


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