Thirsty Thursday ~How Thirsty Are You~

How thirsty are you?

Please join in on the conversation for my Thirsty Thursday!
Now keep in mind, everything I share on Thirsty Thursday are my opinions and my opinions only. Every Thursday, I will ask a question regarding your level of thirst and what will you do to satisfy your desire.

Today’s Topic in “How Thirsty Are You”?

Over the past few months, I’ve watched all of the seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. When the series was first broadcast 11 years ago, I watched the three seasons, and then life happened, and I was too busy to care. Then over the years, I forgot about the show. However, during 2020 I think most of us indulged in a bit of streaming and binge-watched our favorite shows. Or at least I know I did. And one of them was the good old housewives.

The women in Beverly Hills are my favorite. I tried to watch the other housewives shows, but after a season, I grew bored; they lacked the skill to hold my attention. But something is fascinating about the RHOBH. Well, not all of them. I do have my favorites and a few that can be replaced for good.

Let’s start with the REPLACE List:

Kim Richards
Teddie Mellencamp
Denise Richards
Lisa Vanderpump
Brandi Glanville

Must Keep List

Dorit Kemsley
Lisa Rinna
Erica Jayne
Eileen Davidson

Mixed Feelings About How I Feel List:

Kyle Richards
Yolanda Hadid
Adrian Maloof
Garcelle Beauvais – ONLY on for one season so far and worked and traveled a lot for her real job, so the audience couldn’t connect with her.

The one thing that drew me to the show was all of the GLAM.
They live in enormous homes, drive exotic cars, have a staff of nannies, housekeepers, travel to the best countries in the world, and HELLO, a lot of them have a traveling glam squad.

Now, what lady wouldn’t want that?

The other housewife shows seemed like they were struggling to keep up the facade. Their wigs look cheap; half of them aren’t married, which confused me because the show has “wife” in its title. They also went on cheap vacations but carried on as if they were Queens of the world. Like I stated previously, I quickly grew bored, so I can’t elaborate on the other housewife shows the way that I can for RHOBH.

Here is my thirsty question

What are you willing to do to gain fame, wealth and to become well-traveled?

As I watched the seasons, I saw a steady decline in the lifestyle of 7 of the ladies that I listed above. When they initially appeared on the show, they had homes that were fit for a King and Queen, the marriages that seemed solid on the exterior. But after a season or two, we saw them fall drastically. One husband committed suicide during the filming of the show. A few of the ladies are now divorced. There have been rumors of affairs and lawsuits filed against several members of the cast.

I have watched what once was a fairytale life become nothing but a distant memory. And I can’t help but wonder if their “Thirst” for the rich and fame outweighed their want for something real.

Did they marry for money and not love? I can’t imagine allowing the need to be famous outweigh me raising my kids myself. And how many girls trips do you need in your life. They fuss and fight during every dinner, and someone winds up crying and leaving the table. Then they drag their husbands into this mess, and the men sit there with a blank look, not wanting to get into the conversation regarding yet another friendship that has gone sour.

Ugh, now that I’m typing this out, I’m wondering why I like this show. I guess I can’t explain it any other way than saying:

“My spirit thirsts for natural disasters.”


You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!

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