One Major Key To Losing Weight

We all have a starting point!

And you can’t compare your starting point to someone else’s. When we do that, we start to l look down on ourselves, get in our feelings and pick up the first snack we see. Which then leads to more snacks. Because we all know that once you start your day on a sour note, the rest of the day is shot to hell.

So pour yourself a tall glass of H2O and listen up! 

Pick out a Program

My clients never stuck to a diet because they didn’t have a concrete plan. They never wrote their program out on paper or a calendar, which is a considerable step to miss. If you can see your plan written out, then the chances of you succeeding are higher. 

I’m a very visual person, so this step crucial for me. My Christmas present from my daughter was a bought giant calendar, and it came with an eraser and four markers. I hung it up by my desk, and each month I write my current workout program. It seems like if I write it down, then it becomes law! 

Once I shared this strategy, I then gave them a 4-6 week program to follow, and they drastically lost weight!

Depending on your fitness level, I can start you six days a week or 3-4 days a week. Once you advance from your second program, things begin to get EXCITING!

The third level will push you in ways that you didn’t know were possible. And by the time you reach that point, you will never look at working out the same. It will be a privilege and not a punishment to exercise.

But to get to that point, you have to begin with picking out that one program that will motivate you to push play daily.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. I loved the quote you used, it gave me a smile to imagine how I would want to feel in one year. It does help to choose a program and stick to it, for any goal.

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